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Here, I'm going to click on the plus sign and then I'm gonna click on scroll and then here, I want to show you this real quick, let me move this over to here. So it's still coming along, it's still moving along but it's not so much that it's ridiculously distracting. Soal Jawab This talk show describes the issues on current situation. So, now we have three chats. It is the last news program of the day before closing transmission. So now that we have this in place, I want to level this whole thing up to really make it pro. I could leave it like this and it would be perfectly okay.

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T o n t o n L i v e

The channel is best known for her soap Operas. Today TV3 broadcast its programming 24 hours in a day. Here you can watch TV3 live streaming in full HD telecasting from malalaysia. You can enjoy all types of News, Political and Sports Programs. TV3 Malaysia started live on 1 June at The same was likewise done in and The initial hour communicate of TV3 was on 31 August as the initial hour TV slot in Malaysia, yet was stopped after right around a year because of disagreeability and the Asian money related emergency.

Between November and January , TV3 communicates from 6: It additionally communicates between 6. TV3 Malaysia broadcast the wide range of programs which include news, Soap Operas, talk shows, animated series and documentary series. So I'm going to select a different font. I'm gonna hit okay and then I'm gonna click okay on this as well. Once I have that in place, then I can grab the text and I can bring it down. Now as you can see, it's really small right now, so on a mobile device, this would be pretty much impossible to read.

So I'm gonna grab one of these corners and I'm just going to start moving it and as you can see, that's gonna scale that text up, make it a little bit bigger and a little bit easier to read.

From there, I'm going to just bring it down the screen and then because I have this selected, I can just tap on the arrow buttons to kind of fine-tune it as far as getting it into the right place that I want it to be and then as you can see over here in the sources section, this is at the very top and it's covering up the TubeBuddy logo and it's just not very flattering right now. So in order to fix that, what I have to do, is I have to take the text and I have to bump it down a notch and then now, I've got that nice-looking fade going in and out.

So what I'm gonna do now, is I need to make that text move. So I'm gonna right click. Then I'm gonna go to filters. Here, I'm going to click on the plus sign and then I'm gonna click on scroll and then here, I want to show you this real quick, let me move this over to here. So, when I move this horizontal speed, you can see the text is gonna start to move. Now, I can make it really fast to where people are reading really fast and and all that or I can slow it down, make it something a little bit more reasonable.

In this case, I'm gonna go with like a 31, that's fine. So it's still coming along, it's still moving along but it's not so much that it's ridiculously distracting. So once I have that speed, I'm gonna hit close and then as you can see, the ticker's gonna be flowing along there nicely during any time that I want that to show.

So, now we have two scenes. We have the main plain and then we have the main ticker. So, the next thing that we want to do, is we're going to duplicate that main plain again and I'm gonna call this one chat or sorry, cam with chat, okay? Now with this one, we're gonna do that same exact thing. We're gonna go to the plus. I'm gonna add an image here and this is going to be, I'm just gonna call this one background because there's not a lot that's gonna be happening in this scene.

So I'm gonna find that and then I'm gonna bring it in. Now, as you can see right here, the area that I have right here, it's already taken away. So basically, I removed the background layer, so that I could save it, so I'd be able to see through this. Now, another option that I would have had, was to make the same graphic but actually put a square on the screen in this area and then grab my picture or my video image there and scale it down and try to fine tune it to make sure that everything is in the right place, in the right size, but what I'm gonna do instead, is I'm gonna lock this background so I'm not clicking on it, I'm gonna click on the webcam and then now, you can see when I move this, because I have that area transparent, it doesn't have to be perfect.

I can just move it in, kind of scoot it into place and then fine tune it a little bit with my arrow keys and then there we go.

I don't have to spend a ton of time sitting there trying to make everything match up and in addition to that, I also get a little bit of a drop shadow over here to kind of give it a little bit of an additional look, so to speak. Now, the next thing that we want to do is something that I get asked about a ton and that is showing the chat on the screen because we have to put it in this little area over here, so that viewers can see the live chat for this particular scene, when we show this.

So what I'm gonna do here, is I'm going to bring my live streaming page over. I'm gonna show you how to do this. When you go to your live streaming page on YouTube, you click here and then you click on pop-out chat.

When you do that, they're gonna give you a URL up here at the top, you want to copy that and then you can close it and then after you close that, you can actually just move that right out of the way or close the window or whatever and it's okay because you have that URL, that's all that you need.

Now, because I've already built this for the thing I'm doing with TubeBuddy, so I've already built this, I already know that the width of this is gonna be way too big. So I'm gonna take the width of this down to , then I'm gonna take the height to, let's say, let's do , okay?

From there I'm gonna hit okay and then you'll see the chat is now popping up on the screen and I just grab that and I bring it over here and get it into place, okay? I could leave it like this and it would be perfectly okay. I mean, if it just looks like this and you have the white on there, it's fine but if you look at this from a design standpoint, I have all of these dark elements. I'm wanting people to focus on the TubeBuddy logo down there, which by the way, if you don't have TubeBuddy installed yet, I've got a link to that in the description but I want to draw people's attention to the TubeBuddy logo and I want them looking at my screen.

I want them looking at the chat as well but I don't want them to be overwhelmed and distracted by what's going on in the chat. So I'm gonna right click on chat, I'm gonna hit properties and I'm going to delete this in the CSS area right here and then I'm going to paste in all of this code right here and again, I'm gonna have a resource link to this down in the description, so you'll be able to get this same exact code down in that description, if you want this and then I'm gonna hit okay and then you'll see that it made my text bigger and it also took away that background.

So now it's not as distracting. It's still distracting, especially when it's all moving around but it's not as distracting. So what we've done there, is now we have this chat area, so that people that are watching can see their chat come up on the screen. So I'm just gonna click on something there and then that fills that box out and you can see right there, as you can see, you know, can you see this that I put down there, it completely fills that box out and makes everything look nice and clear.

Now to be picky, I would want to scoot this down here just a tad because that's a little bit too tight up there at the top for me. So I would bring it down to something like that, maybe bring up the bottom a little bit but you can fine tune yours when you're making your graphics for your live stream.

So, now we have three chats. In here we have the main plain, we have the main ticker and then we also have this, which is our cam with chat. So we're starting to create a nice production here, right? Like this is looking really professional, it's looking great.

Everything is nice and organized. You know, real easy to follow what's going on and a really awesome thing about this, is down here in the sources part, you don't have just a humongous pile of stuff down there, right?

You can just switch it as you need it instead of having a bunch of things that you have to sort through in order to make these same things happen and you don't have to drag things around all the time and resize the frame and all of that. So, this makes it so much easier. So the next I'm going to do, is I'm going to copy the main plain again and this one is going to be split screen.

Now, this comes in really cool if you are a gamer or if you are a business owner and you want to have your screen and then you also want to have something happening on the side over here to where you can have your social media information or you can have like a product that you're talking about, you can have bullet points of what it is you're talking about, while keeping yourself on the screen.

This part is really cool. So what I'm gonna do here is I created that split screen scene and as you can see in the sources here, the only thing, again, that we're starting with, is just the webcam by itself. So what I'm gonna do here, is I'm gonna go and I'm gonna grab the image that I made and then with this you can see I'm kind of covered up there or whatever but the graphic over here is where you would put, there we go, is where you would put any additional information that you have but what you would do in this case with the webcam, is I'm gonna lock that and then with the webcam, I can just take this, drag it over, just like this.

And then there we go, I'm nice and centered. You can set up a bunch of these so you can just rotate through them as you're talking about things or when you want to, you can go to the cam chat and things like that.

So now that we have this in place, I want to level this whole thing up to really make it pro. I'm sure you see in the news where they're talking about something and then they transition into something else and then they have like a logo or some type of graphic that comes up on the screen to actually make that transition happen and make it kind of smooth and pro looking.

Well that's what we're gonna do. So what we're gonna do that, is I'm going to click on studio mode over here and that's gonna split the screen. So if you're not familiar with OBS right now, if you're not familiar with OBS yet, basically how this works is over on this side of the screen, the one that has a ticker on it right now, this side of the screen is basically a staging area and then the other side of the screen, where we have the split screen, that is actually what would be live that your viewers would be seeing right now.

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