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Mixed martial arts in the United States developed in the s, and has achieved popularity in the early 21st century. Today, a package covered in layers of colorful paper is passed from child to child to the sound of music. Retrieved September 4, Its capital city is Zagreb. Kenya was the leading country in the world.

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Europe's main competition for national teams is the Six Nations Championship , first held in as the Home Nations Championship. The England national teams is the only European team to have won the Rugby World Cup , whereas France was runner-up three times and Wales reached the semifinals once.

The European Rugby Champions Cup is the premier continental championship, with clubs qualifying from the three professional competitions. Rugby league is popular in northern England , where the sport formed in The game is also popular in southern France.

The Great Britain national team first played in , and entered the World Cup until and the Tri-Nations until England , Scotland and Wales have played independently since then. Great Britain has won the World Cup three times, whereas France has been runner-up twice..

Clubs from England and France compete in Europe's only fully professional league, the Super League , as well as the Challenge Cup competition. In addition to this, the game is also played semi-professionally and at amateur levels in Russia , Serbia , Italy , Wales , Scotland and Ireland. Cricket is a popular summer sport in the United Kingdom and has been exported to other parts of the former British Empire.

Cricket has its origins in south east Britain. It is popular throughout England and Wales, and parts of the Netherlands. Cricket is also popular in other areas and also played in northwest Europe. It is however very popular worldwide, especially in southern Africa , Australia , New Zealand and the Indian subcontinent. The England cricket team and Ireland cricket team are the only European teams with Test status.

England's main rival is Australia, and they play each other in The Ashes series. Ireland has recently received Test status in Ice hockey is very popular at a professional and amateur level in Czech Republic , Slovakia , Russia , Norway , Sweden , Finland , Latvia , and northern central Europe, where it rivals association football in popularity. The Kontinental Hockey League originated from Russia but currently features teams from eight other countries.

The Ice Hockey European Championships for national teams was played from to Basketball originated in America. It was invented by James Naismith in Massachusetts. He first coached Kansas University, and is their only coach with a career losing record. The EuroBasket is the main European basketball competition for men's national teams, first held in The Soviet Union and Yugoslavia have won the most titles, with Spain claiming three championships since the late s.

The EuroLeague is the most important club basketball competition in Europe. Handball is played professionally in several European countries. The European Handball Federation organizes continental competitions for men's and women's. Notable men's teams include Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland and Croatia, whereas Norway has dominated women's championships since the s. The EHF Champions League is the most important handball club competition for men's teams in Europe and involves the leading teams from the top European nations.

Other team sports like volleyball , water polo , roller hockey , futsal , field hockey and American football are also popular in some European countries. Some sport competitions features a European team gathering athletes from different European countries. These teams uses the European flag as an emblem. The most famous of these competitions is the Ryder Cup in golf.

The European Championships is a new multi-sport event which brings together the existing European Championships of some of the continent's leading sports, including Golf, Cycling, Athletics, Aquatics, and Gymnastics, every four years.

However, the great consensus of worldwide opinion on this subject, states that association football [soccer] is by far the most played and most popular. From there, opinions of those that follow soccer in popularity vary greatly. Why is boxing a popular sport? It is so popular because it can realy help protect your self from any danger at any time plus it can be fun. I assume you're meaning that as an example, baseball is very popular in America, and not in most of the rest of the world.

Partly because in America we don't have a great deal of historical junk that we have to work around, like say Paris or even London. So, we can buy land and bulldoze stuff down to build a huge stadium in nearly any city in America without having to worry about the historical junk we're destroying. Then of course there's always the question of money, and Americans just don't mind spending or comming up with the cash to build something like that, and I think a lot of other countries do.

What countries is the sport of basketball popular? America, Argentina, Spain and some other places. Another factor to consider is that if a sport is played in theOlympics, many nations play the sport.

In what countries is hockey a popular sport? Hockey is played in many other countries as well. Why are different sports more popular in different countries? L were starting in america. That is a very tough question to answer. The above is correct in that sports which are invented in a country generally are more popular in that country. But I think a lot of the reasons come down to what people enjoy.

Sports are meant to be fun and entertaining and some people find certain sports more entertaining than other people. You can ask 10 different people what their favorite sport is and you might get 10 different answers. What are some popular sports in Peru? Volleyball is also popular, especially among women.

For more Peruvian sports, see the related link below. What is the most popular sport in Ethiopia? The most popular sports are long distance running, especially m, m and marathons. Ethiopian runners such as Haile Gebresellassie have won many medals at international competitions and the olympic games. Like the rest of Africa football soccer is popular with the national team having won the African nations cup in the 60's.

Soccer is the common sport in Ethiopia however Ethiopia is more successful in running. What are the popular sports in Madrid? What are some popular sports in Sweden? What is the popular sport in America? There are many popular sports here in the U. However, the most popular sport has become football along with baseball.

What is the most popular sport in Poland? Polish people like many sports and don't have a "National Sport," however football soccer , volleyball, and ski jumping are very popular..

What is the most popular sport in Egypt? Why is sport so popular in Australia? There are actually several theories as to why sport is so popularin Australia. One theory is that the country's nice weatherprovides more opportunities for people to play and watch sports. Another theory states that because the country is not dominated byone or two particular sports, there's room for numerous sports tothrive.

What sports are popular in El Salvador? The Salvadorian Sports Federation has:. But our main sport is Soccer. What are the most popular sports in Peru? The most poular is football not american but women's volleyball, taekwondo, tennis, shooting, sailing, and surfing are also very known sports.

Popular sports in Germany? Football is very popular in Germany i think but they do well in lots of other sports such as athletics in the Olympics and lots of stuff in the winter Olympics but i think the main sport is football. What is the most popular sport in Britain? The most popular sport in Britain is football. Football is playedby two sides, consisting of eleven players and 2 goals. In what country is soccer the most popular sport?

Not the south pole. Most popular sport in Canada is Hockey. It is too cold to play Beach Volleyball and Cricket is a strange game. Is cross country racing a popular sport? Not a very popular sport, not many people know what it is exactly. Many people mistake cross country for track- which is entirely different, with the exception that they are both running sports. What are some popular sports in ilaly? If you meant italy, Football or soccer is the most popular sport.

The most popular sports in Ohio? I lived in Ohio for several years and I believe that football and hockey are the most popular sports in Ohio. World most popular sport is? Soccer association football, also known as futbol in various Spanish-speaking countries 2. Basketball There are often minor variations in this list. What are popular sports in South Asia? Cricket is a very huge game in south Asia also field hockey is also popular. What is the most popular sport in England and why?

It is football because there are loads of stadiums And Wolverhampton Wanderers is the best Or go to google or yahoo. Ranking wise which sports are popular? T he most popular sports are football,basketball,and baseball.

Thank you for comming to wikki ancwers. What is Madagascar's most popular sport? Football or in the US, soccer is the most popular sport. The national team is called Barea however, they do not have the most successful record when it comes to the World Cup or the African Nation's Cup.

In the past few decades they have either not qualified for these cups or have withdrawn from the tournament. Why are women's sports popular? Almost half of any given population is female, so that automatically gives a big bonus to the popularity of women's sports.

Additionally, many make good spectator sports too, so many others who would not normally like them simply for personal involvement can enjoy them as a spectacle. What is Mexico's least popular sport?

Paradoxically, some in which Mexican people are very good at: Tae Kwon-Do and diving. Mexico gained two gold medals in TKD and one bronze in diving during the last Beijing Olympics of What is the most popular sport in anjola? Let me get this straight, it's Angola. The most popular sport there is futbol or soccer. That is for most places overseas.

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