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PSN said I was signed out earlier this afternoon on my lunch. To be honest, this probably should be default on any server to mitigate the threat of a ping of death, short of not allowing pings at all. I Ask You Answer.. In fact two actually as your second post is just a noise 0. If I have a PS3 with 2 usb ports, will it be compatible with ps2 games? Hopefully this isn't some bizarre glitch that ends up erasing my account or something Playing Rainbow Six as we speak.

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Ps4 won't sign into psn

What's the error code. Can you use the ps4 web browser? Can you sign in or load the psn site on your phone, PC? If you can use the ps4 browser, but not sign in with your PC, you're probably IP banned. Another way to test is sign into psn from your phone while you're not connected to your wifi. Have you tried logging in from a browser? Might happen when you suddenly change IPs or wrong passwords. Also rebuilding database might help if it's a ps4 problem.

For other subreddit filters, click here. Pro - Deals - Banners - Mods - Clans. Can't sign into psn for over a week? When I try and sign in it says timed out and cannot connect to server in time, I've tried everything, changing Mtu, updated router, disconnecting router, also when I try change password through email it also times out when I click link to reset password on laptop I have seen tweets from people on twitter stating same problems What the hell Sony?

I live in Ireland and cannot afford to ring them and be kept on the phone for over 20 mins, to still have the same problem I've looked on playstation.

Because when Googled it doesn't have much info. Here is the email form for your region: However, you could supply us with some information like what NAT type do you get when you do "Test Internet connection" from your PS4 and what other tests fail.

Thanks much appreciated, when I test IP is successful, Internet connection is successful and then it fails on psn sign in My Nat type has always been type Also my PS4 is in the Dmz.

I've never had this problem it just happened out of the blue. Have you tried making another account to test if it's your account in particular? If that works then you will definitely have to contact them about looking into your PSN account on their side. Sometimes it needs to be refreshed manually on their side. Meant to say that I can sign into other account no problem, but all my progress and trophies are on the account in question,I don't use the other account anymore and have a year's subscription on it, which in theory should allow me to play online on the account I'm having problems with, I have activated the account I don't use as primary PS4,I've emailed them now so hopefully they will resolve this.

Also when I try to log in playstation. This is only with this everything else on my Internet is working just fine. Hey, I'm having the exact same issue. And many others are.. I contacted support, twice, and they just gave me the same "It's your router blabla" bullshit, I've literally tried everything they told me to, nothing worked Changed DNS, place PS4 in DMZ etc etc etc. Everything worked fine untill last friday when I started getting those errors.

Hello mrmadrid , Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! It is good to know that you are able to connect to the internet on your PS4. We can troubleshoot the issue, would you please answer the following questions? Hey Yes when i said i cant log in on my pc I meant that the page won't load at all. It was working before. Do you have another PSN account you can test?

It's quite odd that your Internet works but you can't sign into PSN from a computer or a console. I would suggest trying some of the troubleshooting as well. Let us know how it goes. I play online on Fifa and when I play about 10 minutes I get disconnected. This started on Saturday, we had a technician here, got a new modem but still we get same thing. Have a look at the back of the modem for the product sticker. The updated version is 4. The Software verion is what I'm interested in at this point.

Note that the new firmware version seems to have solved some problems associated with PS4s, while at the same time, it seems to left other PS4 issues unsolved.

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