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Austria's government plans to shut down mosques and expel imams
Retrieved October 14, Hazing may be involved in student's death: This is the behavior of obstructionist losers, not legislators. Political fights over this and other issues between the House on one side and President Barack Obama and the Senate on the other led to a budget impasse which threatened massive disruption. If he leaves the presidency he will probably be relieved, happy to let it all go. Archived from the original on October 5, You have been very busy indeed Nancy.

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Convoy to D.C. – Truckers To Shut Down America in October

Kiwi cyclist George Bennett is battling an old nemesis, and running out of options. The actor clapped like a dinosaur using his claws. Daily puzzles, quizzes and horoscopes. It's been a big year for you - congrats!

Morgana O'Reilly and Anna Jullienne play mean mums battling it out with other parents. Samuel Levi, 25, says he's looking for love, not fame, on Married at First Sight. Former Warriors star Konrad Hurrell is known for his undeniable cheeky wit and humour. Who are the monsters inserting needles into fruit? Ever complained your pickle tastes too much like a cucumber?

You might be on this list. This month brings new seasons of old favourites and must-see flicks on the big screen. Our favourite Italian fizz key to the Aperol Spritz just might be losing its allure. This roast, which can be prepared then cooked without too much fuss, is a winner.

The business-savvy force behind beloved label Ruby shares her beauty philosophy. Preview to documentary on the royal family offers behind-the-scenes glimpse of Markle. Young mums share incredible stories of challenges and hope with our Prime Minister. Let the food processor do most of the work with this impressive, yet easy, cheesecake.

A slightly lighter, spring inspired dinner idea that is also easy on the wallet. Simon Gault has dessert sorted with a baked New York cheesecake and chocolate Kahlua cake. Potato topping is a classic for shepherd's pie and a hint of spring onions adds a crunch. Deep-fried cheese rolls are a hot seller in a Dunedin takeaway shop. Eleanor Hughes braves altitude sickness to experience Cusco's Christmas market. Two British Tourists had their holiday ruined when their "harmless prank" went wrong.

Obituaries, guest books and in memoriam notices. The financial resources from successful startup exits fund the next generation of institutions in Silicon Valley.

And those startups, VC firms, products, and philanthropies shape the whole world. Just like the pay gap, a company can remedy this by shining a light with HR reports, issuing corrective grants, establishing a better interview and offer process, and making this a topic for periodic review by an audit committee.

So arguably, the equity gap has an even bigger impact than the gender pay gap: Men in Silicon Valley have percent more power than the women do. Let that sink in. Let's break it down: Sony unveils mini PlayStation Classic console. Sony launching retro video game console PlayStation Classic in December. The original PlayStation is coming back in miniature form with 20 classic games pre-loaded.

Sony copies Nintendo with PlayStation Classic mini gaming console. Sony reveals Classic PlayStation to tickle nostalgia glands in time for Xmas. PlayStation Classic is Sony's new throwback games console. Sony just launched a new console: The old PlayStation Classic. Sony announces miniature Playstation Classic, with 20 games built-in.

Sony announces the PlayStation Classic, its own mini retro console. Sega's Mega Drive Mini delayed until Sony announces PlayStation Classic microconsole. PlayStation Classic Announced and Dated.

Sony announces the PlayStation Classic micro console. Sony unveils PlayStation Classic with 20 games. Sony is releasing a machine that converts my nostalgia into Sony's cash. Virtual Markets Integrity Initiative Report. Attorney General blasts cryptocurrency exchanges. Cryptocurrency exchanges lack security, fairness, and integrity. New York AG report finds cryptocurrency exchanges are vulnerable to manipulation. New York Attorney General: Crypto Exchanges Subject to Market Manipulation.

Cryptocurrency markets are wide open to insider trading, US regulators say. Crypto exchanges are ripe for manipulation and aren't doing much to stop it, New York AG says. Bitfinex and Tidex do not, requiring little more than an email address": The NY Attorney General's Office found that several crypto exchanges cannot monitor abusive trading activity, and referred 3 for potential legal violations.

Amazon Is Now the No. Amazon makes headway in breaking up Facebook and Google's digital ad duopoly. Amazon is now the third largest digital ad platform in the US, closing in on Facebook and Google. I need to record audio while taking notes, which Evernote does well and most alternatives don't do at all.

Things Evernote has tried in the past year: People just aren't signing up. Evernote just laid off another 15 percent of its workforce http: A familiar interface with multiple collaboration tools may make those internal decks a bit more functional. Freshsales is a faster and easy-to-use CRM that your teams will love? Introducing Quip Slides, partner apps with Box and Dropbox, and more.

Salesforce's Quip completes the office productivity trifecta with presentation slides. Salesforce fills key gap in its Quip productivity platform with Quip Slides. Salesforce starts competing with Microsoft PowerPoint. YouTube announces it will shut down its standalone Gaming app and launches a new YouTube Gaming destination at youtube. Gaming gets a new home on YouTube.

YouTube Gaming app to close, many features move to main site. YouTube merges Gaming with main site after standalone app fails to impress. YouTube launches new gaming destination, admits that the separate app was a bust. YouTube revamps its video game hub before shutting down Gaming app. YouTube Gaming app is dead, but its features survive on YouTube proper.

YouTube's gaming app to be merged with primary website after lacklustre response. YouTube's revamped gaming hub offers faster access to top streams. YouTube has a new destination for gamers as it plans to shutter gaming app. YouTube launches new gaming hub to promote creators better than failed app did.

YouTube Gaming app is shutting down in March, moving to a web portal. YouTube will close YouTube Gaming, move it all to the main site. YouTube Gaming app getting shut down in March Google will retire the YouTube Gaming app in March Google is shutting down YouTube Gaming but that isn't a bad thing.

YouTube Gaming features are relocating to the main website. YouTube Gaming standalone app to shut down in March as features migrate to main app. YouTube Gaming is no longer a standalone app, previous site shutting down in Come to the conference that's like Disneyland for Java developers? Google's Work Insights helps businesses better understand how they work. Gain deeper organizational insights and take action with new G Suite features.

G Suite admins get new tools to track deployments and boost security. Investigation tool in G Suite security center now generally available. Google gives admins more insight into employees' G Suite use. Version 69 includes the Google Material Theme to coincide with the browser's 10th anniversary. Chrome OS 69 brings Linux support to Chromebooks. Chrome OS revamp delivers a new look and Linux app support. Introducing Alexa Gadgets Toolkit: Amazon helps others make accessories for Echo speakers.

Amazon is letting developers make their own Alexa Gadgets. Google is giving up some control of the AMP format. Open Governance for AMP. Answering its critics, Google loosens reins on AMP project. Google shares control of AMP with the development community. We're implementing an open governance model for AMPhtml: I don't think you can build a thing entirely closed at one company, intended to exert influence over the broader ecosystem, and then call it an open standard or project.

Hackers behind Mirai botnet could be sentenced to working for the FBI. Almost a year ago, the mobile app, launched by Vine's cofounders within …. HQ Trivia has a new word puzzle game, coming next month. Seeking more dollars, HQ Trivia talks to advertiser-favorite Digiday about its evolving strategy.

It needs casual, familiar enough new games to revive its viral growth http: Apple released iOS 12 just yesterday …. Google Maps is finally compatible with Apple CarPlay. The fact Google did all this special work for these APIs shows the complexity and confusion of targeting many platforms, especially when it remains unclear how much penetration Google maps can ultimately achieve on iOS. Google Maps in CarPlay is surprisingly good. Yes traffic and routing improve depending on location.

Also CarPlay has useful quality and performance fixes. The eero Plus experience keeps getting better with regular updates.

How to practice Fortnite like Ninja. Starting off the day with tears of happiness. Tyler is on the cover ….

ESPN article on Ninja: When that happens, he leans over and says, 'Hey, buddy, I'd like to take my picture with you. Everyone should read espn piece on Ninja. Behind all the fun and fame is a life where stress lives and simple pleasures disappear. There's no perfect person, but I really find it hard to think of someone who'd be better fit to head the gaming community.

People can't stop watching Ninja. The Fortnite star opens up about fame and his future. Helping Our Community Register to Vote. Instagram uses ads to help users register to vote for the US mid-terms elections. Instagram uses Stories to encourage voter registration. Will these ads also show up in their transparency report? Facebook used to brag about how their ads improved voter turnout. Who audits they aren't swinging elections by tailoring who sees ads thus nudging turnout in a particular direction?

Sponsor Posts Specops Software: Get your free copy today. Here are four key benefits. It's hard to measure any ROI. Sign up for free! We built Chrome to help you do that as quickly and safely as possible. Who's Hiring In Tech? Come as you are. Do what you love. The enterprise DevOps leader. Turn the impossible into the essential. Powering a better, faster internet.

Talented People Thrive Here. Inc 19th Fastest-Growing Private Co. Toys are preludes to serious ideas. Code the trusted cloud platform. Be you, with us! Listen to Techmeme's Podcast: Tencent announces a China-focused platform, which includes WeChat's natural language processing capabilities, to help other companies pursue AI initiatives Find. Google Cloud launches Work Insights, a tool that provides data on G Suite adoption rates and collaboration patterns across teams in a company, available in beta Find.

Senate passes the Music Modernization Act, which will improve artist payouts from streaming giants, royalties for pre songs, and payouts to producers. Facebook begins classifying news Pages to determine which publishers' ads will be in the news section of Facebook's Ad Archive, details criteria for news Pages.

Upcoming Tech Events Sep When we put together the Distributed Web Gateway, one of the first questions we asked was: Announcing new AI and mixed reality business applications for Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft is putting HoloLens to work with new Dynamics applications. Microsoft adds two more Dynamics AI apps to its roadmap. Microsoft introduces HoloLens to businesses through Dynamics apps. Microsoft is upping its A. Dynamics gives businesses a boost with new AI and mixed reality apps.

Microsoft is taking the training wheels off its first in-house HoloLens apps. Here's what CEO Satya Nadella told me about what the apps could mean for mixed reality device adoption — and Microsoft's challenger to Salesforce. Ampere launches its first ARM-based eMAG server processors to challenge Intel, with power efficiency, high performance, and high memory capacity.

Ampere's Arm-based server chip is ready to challenge Intel in the data center. Pinterest rolls out a new API to help brands find and keep track of influencers. How white supremacists are thriving on YouTube. Indigo Ag lands massive new investment as it pushes new farming practices. Earlier Picks Wall Street Journal: Short Selling Is a Tough Business. Facebook pushed for access to financial firms' user data.

PayPal got Facebook to agree not to use any of its customer data for ad targeting while some big banks gave Facebook more leeway http: Facebook pressed to use financial firms' customer data to better target advertisements http: Shopify adds support for AR Quick Look, an iOS 12 feature that lets users place models of products in real environments from within Safari.

Shopify offers iOS 12's AR features to its , stores. Shopify now lets stores create AR experiences for iOS

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