What’s the Best Usenet Provider for Australia?

What is Usenet?

The Best Usenet Service Providers for Australia
Now that you've set up Newslazer, it's time to give it something to download. Retention is a word you'll see a lot, and there's good reason for that: As you find files in your downloads that you don't need, you can add their extensions here. Once you have found the newsgroups that interest you, subscribe to them so you can easily find them whenever you need them and keep updated with all the new additions. So that's about it! Its current incarnation is limited to members of the previous site. No promoting of 'backdoor' access into usenet providers' networks.

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If possible try to see if any hosts or VPN hosts are near the Asian undersea fiber lines going out of the US west coast. Here's a map that you can use to check for hosts near the cities. From that map it looks like Australia has a handful of fiber lines and usenet hosts. Thanks for the cablemap thing. Australia would be great, but doesn't seem like there are any resellers there only ISPs that bundle usenet. I've been using an unlimited account, but might give blocks a shot.

Mine does between two servers. Any server not ticked as 'backup' will be connected to when downloading articles. To max out mbps you're going to need far more than 5 connection.

Try using a combination of US and EU servers from your provider many major ones offer both to help max out your connection. You'll probably need to use atleast to get anywhere close to maxing out. Yeah, I thought Astra was limited to 5, but 20 seems to be working fine, and has almost 4x'd my speed: I didn't even notice that, but it does look like they are in San Jose. About ms closer to Singapore than the US east coast.

Astraweb's FAQ says they only allow 4 connections, but I guess they don't enforce that? I will definitely try upping my connections. That FAQ is many years out of date. Astraweb allow 20 or 50 connections, depending on your account: You can honestly ignore the max connections warnings.

I get it a lot. Basically a thread finishes and another tries to start downloading, before its finished the original ones disconnection handshake to the server.

Yeah, seems like number of connections will help. Blocknews allows 50 connections , going to give them a try next. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Rules No discussion of specific media content names, titles, etc.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Any tips for providers that would be good for these regions? Servers in Asia would be ideal. Some claim Giganews, but this page doesn't seem to back it up. High connection limits to compensate for latency? Our Usenet guide was written to show Aussies how to access movies, documentaries, and TV shows via a messaging system almost as old as the internet.

The download speeds are terrific. NGD retention times are a perfect mix between reasonable price, but still having all files available. Keep an eye on their site for Terabyte Tuesday deals, which seem to occur every few months. Retention — The number of days a file will be available on the Usenet servers. Providers need to balance the amount of hard drive capacity with by deleting old content to free space for new uploads.

Premium providers obviously have greater disk capacity so retain binary files for longer. Download speed — Premium providers host their servers in high capacity data centers. Another case was you get what you pay for with Usenet.

Maximum connections — This is an essential consideration for anyone using Newsgroups, but especially Australians. The geographical distance between your device and Usenet server causes high latency. The primary advantage of Usenet for downloading is leveraging the massive storage capacity and high bandwidth internet links.

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