Using Netflix on your Roku

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Using Netflix on your Roku TV
Retrieved January 16, I have purchased amazon prime with a canadian account now launched. Retrieved 18 July I can admit when I am wrong I found this info on the Amazon Fire Stick that might help you. Also, the two websites would require separate subscriptions.

The Roku Optimized for Canadians and Other Non-Americans

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So in time Canadians are also likely to see this change, not yet though. International League pass will not work on a Roku account created in the US. I do not want to lose my channels. If I unlink my Roku 2 from my american account and link it to my american account without doing a factory reset, will I be able to have the best of both worlds or will I either have to have one or the other? First of all, thanks for replying to all the comments over the years.

I just created a Roku US Account using their guide. My understanding is that the determination of what content you see is purely based on the Roku account type and DNS location.

I personally have three Roku models either purchased through Amazon. All three have access to the same American content an American model would. Many of which are providers strictly limited to the US. Different channels are advertised on the box and the french language is found on the CA model packaging. There is movement amoung the entire VPN community to find a work around to Netflix blocking some proxy services.

I was wondering if that has changed or are there any work around — like a fake US billing address etc. You are now generally reverted to the service you would be getting without the service. After all without the American channels and content on the Roku the Canadian content is kinda lame.

I have purchased amazon prime with a canadian account now launched. The app is not yet available on the Roku for Canadian accounts but Amazon and Roku are working to get this for early in the new year. Awesome information getting a Roku in the next couple of weeks and look forward to getting all the US content following your advise will advise should I encounter any issues. I live in Canada and want to break free of expensive cable services since I now mostly watch shows via the channel site, like: I need something fast and simple, especailly simple.

Short answer is no. I was so excited about all this, and everything seemed to work fine in terms of setting up a US Roku account etc. Has anyone else encountered this problem? How do I fix it? I am moving back to Canada. Can I use overplay to access my existing Roku account through my TV? Yes using Overplay will let you access the American content you are used to having in the US through your American Roku account. Yes the Shudder service is available via the Roku at least in the US.

It is also clearly available in Canada, see link. Your email address will not be published. I am aware of UnoTelly. I have not yet tried it but I will consider reviewing it in the future. To answer your questions: Hello Peter, There is Acorn. Best of luck, Daniel. Hello Jeff, The Roku and all set-top devices in general are still not very local Canadian content friendly.

Hi Daniel, First of all, thanks for replying to all the comments over the years. Hello Sam, My understanding is that the determination of what content you see is purely based on the Roku account type and DNS location. Hope this clears things up for you!

Is there any movement by Overplay to get around the Netflix ban of accessing the US stream? Hello Patrick, There is movement amoung the entire VPN community to find a work around to Netflix blocking some proxy services. Any input you have is greatly appreciated. Casting is my main issue as everything else is fine.

However you are correct in thinking the Roku stick or newer Roku 2,3 or 4 will have screen casting capabilities. Overall my favorite is Roku 3, however if you are already happy with what you have and are just looking for screen casting features I would suggest looking into the Roku Stick which is the cheaper option. I found this info on the Amazon Fire Stick that might help you. I bought a Roku1 yesterday, and got disappointed with the Netflix interface, it seems so limited.

For example, when I press the Netflix button, it goes to the search page without allowing me to choose one of the three profiles I have previously created on Netflix. Is there a way to update the Netflix interface on Roku? With the older Roku models I believe you may always have that problem as they may not support the updated Roku Netflix software which accommodates the Netflix feature for profile switching. Although honestly I think the only fix would be to return the Roku 1 and purchase a later model, preferably any of the new ones released this year Or also very good models try the Roku 2 and Roku 3 which are now discontinued but can still be found in some stores and online.

The app is not yet available on the Roku for Canadian accounts but Amazon and Roku are working to get the shortly in the new year. I just purchased a Roku Ultra and set it up on a Canadian subscription yesterday. Today I was browsing what else one can do with it which brought me to this web site. After this its like your account never existed and the Roku is brand new again.

Then update the router settings with the DNS servers provided by Overplay. Then follow the instruction in my article Canadian Roku with American Content. No this will not cause problems to your NHL network subscription. Do I still have to connect the Roku via a third ethernet cable?

Daniel, My situation continues to be complicated. GS and Cineplex were no good at installing a browser but a Sony rep downloaded Opera browser. If you have it set to the US, the app will not be able to be found on the Roku Channels for download. This is to prevent any confusion regarding purchases.

As well, streaming content will only work with a Canadian IP address. That sounds like a real pickle… I guess you could get a second Roku and connect it to a Canadian Roku account with the Cineplex channel. That seemed like a waste of HDMI capabilities to me, especially in my case where the distance from the router to the home theatre setup takes a to foot Ethernet cable I use two.

I thought if you connected an Ethernet cord to one of those four, then the HDMI with Ethernet channel could carry Ethernet from one to the other. Check it out for clarification, it appears you need to ensure the device you are connecting the HDMI cable with Ethernet channel HEC to has the capability of utilizing the technology of the cable to access the shared connection to the internet. If I were you I would make sure all your devices have the ability to utilize the HEC cable before going that route.

Try testing it with a HEC cable connected to each device directly connected to the router. I think I figured out what happened. To explain, we currently have two ethernet cords connecting the router to the home entertainment system and we had connected them to the AV receiver and the Sony TV. Michael needed a hardwire ethernet connection for the Roku Wifi only provided a signal strength of two bars so he took the one from the TV which left it without internet.

Michael said we actually need four Ethernet hard-wire connections to our receiver, TV, Roku and blu-ray player. But instead of buying two more foot ethernet cords, he recommended the desktop switch which only needs one ethernet connection to the router and the switch then could connect via four short ethernet cables to the four home entertainment devices.

The switch box says we need CAT 5 or better. So to try to resolve the problem, I disconnected the ethernet cable from the router to the switch and re-connected it to the receiver. Tarzan then played without the same start and stop. I can certainly replace them with CAT 6 if needed.

The summary at the bottom of the article is particularly relevant for your situation. To give clarification the average ISP service in Canada is in the range of 3. We have the Internet 15 plan which provides 15 megabytes per second download but only one mbps upload.

Do a speed test on your internet, here. The references here are rough but will give you an idea of what you want from your ISP service to stream the content you want. Daniel, Thanks for the great research and info. I did two two tests Download: So this router is giving me almost what I am paying for, 15 and 1. I have a copy of Tunnelbear installed on my laptop and through this service I can simulate I am connected through an IP address either in Canada or the US. I have no bank account in the US so I wonder if I can pay whatever monthly fee is required directly through my bank account in Montreal.

Thanks for your help. Just be sure you have a network router for your internet connection and have the VPN ie.

Tunnelbear setup on the router. This is the only way for the Roku to utilize the VPN service. Sometimes you need to pay from a US credit card and others are less restrictive, it all depends on which channels you are wanting to watch. I am considering a Roku for my hubby for his birthday.

My router is in my basement office and the TV is upstairs. Just a state and zip code or a specific mailing address? Is TSNgo yet available? WiFi is what I use and is great for the Roku. Just make sure you have a strong enough signal upstairs to play the streaming video at the quality you like.

This can also be due to the internet service speeds supplied with your internet service from your ISP. Hi Daniel, Great forum! I currently own an mx plus android box, such issues right now..

Which roku is best for it. All the current models are great, the best bargain is the Roku Express and the best value is the Roku Premier with the top of the line being the Roku Ultra.

I like to use the Wikipedia for Roku to compare the latest models. We are currently on the 5th generation. When it comes to History TV, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet you can get them on the Roku but they all require existing cable or satellite subscriptions.

When will the Roku Express Canada be available for purchase and what is the model numbers. The sales people at Best Buy were totally clueless when I asked.

I myself have purchased both CA and US models in the past and they all have worked the same. Your email address will not be published. Thank you so much for the info! I really appreciate it! Might consider trying a Roku! Best of Luck, Daniel. How easy is it too connect to multiple tv sets? Would it require an HDMI cable for connection? Between the two you should have no problems setting things up. If you do just give me a shout.

Hello AM, What is the make and model of router you are using? There is also as of this writing no real synergy between the Roku and OTA antennas. Hello AM, — Is the Cisco router also your modem?

Are you with Shaw? Or only on the router? I also have one of the latest Roku 3 models so its not a new model issue… It may be your ISP is causing issues… I have heard of this before. Hi Dan, Yes my router and modem are the same devide; 2 in 1. My provider is Rogers, not Shaw. Was your sister able to find a work-around? I may have the same issue she had. Hello AM, I think I see your issue clearly now. If you are unsure what the username and password are try these: Mike, The Roku 3 model is nearly identical to the newer Roku 3 model the latest model at the time of writing:

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