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Account Closed I purchase a lot of this stuff and honestly nothing new has been said since the 80's haha just kidding but only slightly. As to where you can find the info on BP, there is not one specific spot, you will have to put forth some effort to search and read through a number of threads. It's all out there somewhere. From what I can tell, all 7 of his unlimited funding strategies are legitimate strategies that people can do: Is it "subject to" and then you sell the house on lease options?

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Marko Rubel's Unlimited Funding Kit – CLAIM IT!

He claims he wants you to be a partner on deals that you can't get done financially. After some good ole google research I found out he hasn't partnered with anyone. His business model is selling his "knowledge" to people. Luckily during my "google" investigation I somehow found the BP site which is totally free and painless. I've learned more in the past week than I had with listening to all of Markos webinars.

I purchase a lot of this stuff and honestly nothing new has been said since the 80's haha just kidding but only slightly. Almost everything you don't know can be google'd and there are no silver bullets, secret methods, or hidden knowledge that a few investors are quietly using to make millions of dollars even though I receive one of those types of emails literally everyday from someone.

There's a saying that goes, "Everything that can be said, has been said but not everyone has said it yet. Well, thank you, but the problem is, everyone wants to be a trumpet player and make a million or two, without any effort.

I would like to know more as to where I can learn them at BP the strategies of marko rubel, how people started out doing REI and what resources they used and in what order. I know this is an old thread, but i did not want to start a new thread.

I am a new to REI and have an apathetic family toward this. I am also from indy and not big on the idea of driving. Any insight would be great.

As to where you can find the info on BP, there is not one specific spot, you will have to put forth some effort to search and read through a number of threads. Use the BP search function for "sub to" and "sub2". You can also go to your profile and enter key word searches using those same terms and every time someone types them in a forum thread, you will be alerted.

Throughout all the threads in which subject to is discussed, you are bound to find enough info to get you started and beyond. With enough patience and effort, you can pretty much learn it all here. But, I disagree with a few of the above posts. What it all comes down to is your level of engagement in REI.

If you are where I was and figuring it out myself wasn't an option, there's nothing wrong paying for information if it means saving on time and mistakes to hit the ground running.

The info and training really go far beyond single-page articles and internet blogs. Hi, I am absolutely newbie and just starting to learn. My opinion about Marko Ruble is he is an excellent teacher. It's like when you in a math class. When I realized it was a scam was when he said he will sell you his testimonials. He probably bought them himself and I thought testimonials were illegal unless they were true, I guess they were true to a previous person.

Is there something I can purchase from him ONE time with no upsells and learn the whole system? Great information everyone, prior to joining BP, I signed up to get more information from all "Gurus" like:. All I got so far is a big fat headache and not knowing which way to turn to get started or get ahead. I'm was all over the place with information overload until I joine BPP. BP appears to be the only thing that's forcing me to change my focus and take action. All I need now is an automated follow up system that turns cold leads into warm ones and all will be right with the world.

Anyone willing to offer up a great first step will be greatly appreciated. All I want to do is learn from real people, that are truly doing the deals like what I've seen so far from folks like you in the BP community.

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Log In Sign up. I be intentrested to see what they are also. Ok, in the "webinar" video, Marko mentions the following tactics: Originally posted by Wendell De Guzman: Thanks for listening to the podcast glad you are enjoying it. Well Cheryl, I've always aimed to please, hope you enjoy it all. If there is anything you need to know in any of those aspects, just ask!

Save your money, there is nothing new in types of RE transactions. Originally posted by Bill Gulley: For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below. Regards, [redacted] I have nnot received an email for cancellation of the Diamond Program. January 16, To Whom It May Concern, Please be advised that Turn Key Systems values all of our customers and take any customer refund request and complaints very seriously.

Please be advised that [redacted] made this This refund was done in a timely manner as we do not want to have a negative report with the Revdex. Thank you [redacted] [redacted] Turn Key Systems, Inc. I signed up for an online course in real etate on aturday, January 10, after listening and payig for a webinar hosted by [redacted].

I immediately emailed cancellation instructions. I also signed up for a fee of over to be deducted from my account on a mothly basis for consulting services. I cancelled these services. On Monday, January 12, , I contacted the office and wa transferred to Mr. I called bacck and tried to cancel.

I spoke to Mr [redacted] on several occasions and he always wouold not take the ancellation request seriously. I called the Billing Department today, January 14, and was transferred to a woman.

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