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In another report gathered by Batu Gajah police, the total losses incurred due to cybercrimes are on the rise in Malaysia. The secure protocols and military grade encryption levels will keep your sensitive data safe at all times while keeping you anonymous over the internet. With 3, servers in 24 countries and an unlimited server switching and data usage, users will be able to secure all of their devices without a hitch. The track record of free and open access to the internet in Malaysia has not been good over the years. VyprVPN is our second choice for users in Malaysia, and they are best for users who distrust companies that are based in the United States.

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This is not atypical of countries in Southeast Asia, where the Internet is usually tightly controlled to prevent offensive political and religious messages from circulating. As such, there are many reasons why residents and tourists need to protect themselves online with a VPN tunnel. The act assures the freedom of information and civil liberties, but due to the involvement of the government, a lot of people are scared into self-censorship. Bloggers, journalists, and opinionated people can find themselves as targets if they post or access offensive content.

Leaders and officials have repeatedly stated that they will not censor web content, claiming it is up to families and parents to implement their own censorship software to prevent youths from seeing offensive content such as pornography.

However, the reality is that the government does block a lot of content. There are two reasons why websites are inaccessible in Malaysia. Sites like Hulu, Pandora, and Spotify have licensing and trade agreements that prevent users in other countries from accessing their content — unless you use a VPN tunnel, that is. A VPN tunnel will also mask your IP address, making it appear that you are connecting from another country. Furthermore, VPN tunnels encrypt data so it can be intercepted and read by third parties such as hackers or the Malaysian government.

We have pondered upon the fact that Malaysia has some of the strictest censorship laws. Judging by these facts, the Malaysian government is very busy trying to fight inappropriate content and censor them at ISP levels.

However, with a Malaysian VPN by your side, you can bypass these internet censorship laws and access services without any fear of being blocked. There are different ISPs providing internet services to internet users in Malaysia. In the near future, ISPs could start tracking the online activities of internet users in Malaysia because there is a possibility of new data retention laws. In addition to these channels, you can also live stream EPL online on Star Sports, which offers free online streaming.

Unfortunately, the problem with these channels is that they are geo-restricted and are only accessible in specific regions. However, with a VPN by your side, you can bypass these geo restrictions. Apart from unblocking websites and jumping over internet censorship, a VPN Malaysia provides another additional benefit; it makes you anonymous and protects your sensitive data from cyber attacks. There are many cyber threats that are lurking in the darkest territories of the internet.

According to a report compiled by Royal Malaysia Police, the top three cybercrime cases include:. In another report gathered by Batu Gajah police, the total losses incurred due to cybercrimes are on the rise in Malaysia. These attacks are prone to steal your personal information such as your name, billing address, email address, financial information, phone number, and other sensitive data. In order to keep your data safe and your privacy secure, you should use a VPN for Malaysia.

A VPN will encrypt all your internet traffic and hide your true identity; keeping you safe from hackers, phishes, surveillance agencies, and other malicious cybercriminals. Internet users in Malaysia can experience complete online privacy with the help of various free VPN services.

Betternet is another free VPN service that does not need any kind of registration. Hence you can use this service without worrying about any cost or financial factor.

The internet users can take multiple benefits from its unlimited bandwidth and multi login features. According to a famous Chinese proverb, there is no such thing as a free lunch in business, therefore free VPN s not really a recommended choice for Malaysians. In short, your online privacy and personal information could be compromised. You can experience limited features including capped connection speeds, access to limited servers and data usage limits.

There is a bigger risk involved while using free VPN services. Yes, its perfectly legal to use a VPN in Malaysia and you should be definitely deploying it to protect your anonymity online if you are currently residing in that country.

We say this because, despite appearing as a relatively free country, Malaysia is one of the worst places as far as issues like internet censorship and citizen surveillance are concerned. The Malaysian Government is incredibly stringent on allowing as to what is accessible to internet denizens within the country. Bans on popular websites are rife due to internal issues relating to politics and even religion.

A VPN Malaysia is your guard against such blatant bans that permeate the Malaysian internet sphere as it will allow you to stay protected through gritty military-grade encryption and other powerful security features like OpenVPN protocol support. Tunnelbear is a very popular free VPN service for all kinds of users across the globe and that includes Malaysia as well. If you are currently looking for a Best Free VPN Malaysia then Tunnelbear can be one of the most suitable candidates for satiating your needs.

This Free VPN Malaysia offers a pretty robust service when it comes to protecting user privacy online through some stellar security features and astringent zero logs policy. To sum everything up, there are many hurdles when it comes to using the internet freely in Malaysia. From internet restrictions to rising cyber threats, Malaysia is by no means a safe place for internet users. With the government blocking various content and filtering websites for inappropriate material, the use of a Malaysia VPN has never been important than before.

The secure protocols and military grade encryption levels will keep your sensitive data safe at all times while keeping you anonymous over the internet.

Malaysia has revamped its local data retention laws and rigid internet censorship regulations over the past year experiencing a decline in their internet freedom rankings from According to the UN resolution, internet freedom is the basic right but in Malaysia, this basic right is being misused.

Netizens could also be fined RM , Ringgit Malaysian if they are found sharing controversial or false facts on Facebook. Obaid Chawla is a innovation buff with a propensity to debate hard. He has a deep interest in how humans can push things forward in the fourth and final Industrial Revolution and loves covering every single development that takes place!

He's also freelancing in making new friends and communities! Can anyone test these please? Sorry for the incomplete info earlier, Joe. Chrome is a PRIVACY catastrophe, one of the most ridiculous browsers being used today, absolutely hate it and dont want people to use it either. Expressvpn, ivacy and purevpn claimed their ip addresses have been working on netflix.

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