How To Receive Amazon U.S. Affiliate Payment Using Payoneer

To view your payment history

How to reset your Payoneer account password
The transactions list on this page displays all the transactions in your account — both funds that have been withdrawn and funds that have been received. You can either ask to re-send the code or reset your password via email. Once your account is activated or if you already have an active Payoneer account, login to the Payoneer dashboard. The list is updated every 6 hours and includes the following information: We would all be more than happy to answer your questions.

To view your transaction history

How to connect my Payoneer account to a marketplace, network or site

Just like you can have multiple partners on one Payoneer card, you can also have multiple partners paying you directly to your bank account through the same Payoneer account. Especially since I already explained how to add multiple partners to one Payoneer card before. At the moment, the banner still talks about the Payoneer card, but we will be updating that banner soon to say Payoneer account, and then it will be a bit more clear.

But go ahead and follow the same procedure — it will work. You can ask us here on the blog, visit us on the Payoneer forums , or contact Payoneer customer support at any time. We would all be more than happy to answer your questions. Do you have any other questions about either of these services? Have you liked us on Facebook yet? Join us on the Payoneer Community Forums!

Payoneer Community September 1, In most cases your username is the email address with which you signed up for Payoneer. Confirm your phone number. Enter the 6-digit verification code on the login screen.

Select your new password. In most cases your username is the email address with which you signed up. Follow the instructions to reset your password. Check that your username is entered correctly. Phone verification via SMS is subject to availability in your region.

Dganit Rauchwerger January 19, To view your payment history 1. Log in to Payoneer. The list is updated every 6 hours and includes the following information: To view the details of a specific payment, click the relevant payment row. A pop-up window with all the payment details will be displayed.

You can use below screenshot for the reference:. You need to ensure that you have filled out tax information which is mandatory to receive payment. If you still have any question regarding configuring Amazon U. Hey, thanks so muuch for all the great info that you share. My first cheque from Amazon USA is on the way and today I came across this useful article on receiving payment through direct deposit.

This is good option. Can you suggest any other good paid is also okay wordpress plugin which does same function? Mahesh Thanks for your kind words. You should use Geni. T Q so much again! Hi Harsh, My payoneer card was expired, can i still use payoneer service for receiving money or i need to renew?

But I am concerned about Amazon Terms. Is there any commission involved receiving payment through Payoneer? We fill up the Tax form as an outside resident of US, hence, the tax amount in zero.

Thanks harsh for sharing this method. But I am concerned with the tax thing. Did anybody tried it? S taxes will deduct? What is the purpose code for Indian Amazon,eBay,cj,domain,sifg AND other affiliate earning for getting money by payoneer. For 3 years, I have used payment by check option and I never had problem and use to receive check within 20 days.

I have opened Payoneer account today, but my concern is, will there be any problem in taxation? There will not be any problem with taxation. Payoneer will only deduct its transaction charges and will transfer the money to your account. From there, a general Indian Tax rules will apply. Hey Harsh, That is great. Amazon affiliates never approved or spoke about Payoneer officially on their website.

It could be just their oversight.

Receiving Amazon U.S. Affiliate commission using Payoneer:

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