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Preparing Speeches in Connect. You'll be taken to a welcome screen that contains information about your class, including the instructor name and class title. Begin taking the assignment. Buy full access before your temporary access expires to keep your assignments and scores in sync. You have the option to use temporary access to the Connect section before purchasing it or using an access code. With voice email, you can add a personal touch to emails you send to instructors and classmates.

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Welcome to Automotive Accessories Connection

You have the option to use temporary access to the Connect section before purchasing it or using an access code. To begin using temporary access, click Start Now A. Purchasing Connect Registering with an access code.

If you used a registration code, you'll see this screen next. You'll see a screen confirming your completed registration. Click Student Edition A to proceed to Connect. Each box contains useful information on how to get the most out of LearnSmart and how to complete your assignment. Upon entering the LearnSmart module you were assignment, you'll a progress bar indicating how much progress you've made on the assignment so far, as well as topics included in the module.

Click Learn A to begin. You can also Recharge B if necessary and view Reports C related to the assignment. Help and other options are available in the menu D. Smartbook assignments adapt to you! Launch SmartBook assignments from your To Do or class pages just like any other assignment. After selecting content assigned to you from your To Do list or the Table of Contents A you can begin reading.

You can preview the material using the page images on the left B. Especially important content will be highlighted yellow C. Once you have mastered the concepts these highlights will change to green D. You can always turn the highlights on or off E if you find them distracting. When you are ready to practice, go to the Practice A phase, which will reinforce concepts learned during the reading phase.

In the Practice phase, answer the questions and then make choices based on your comfort level A with the material. SmartBook recycles content based on your mastery. Use the Reports A section to evaluate your performance and help you use SmartBook more efficiently. Recharge A or review SmartBook assignments to keep your knowledge fresh. Check that your email address and password are accurate and being entered correctly. If you still have trouble after creating a new password, contact the McGraw-Hill Customer Experience Group at or customer.

Navigate to the page you want to bookmark. Click the bookmark tool A and then click add bookmark B. The title of the tool may vary depending on your course. Enter your speech title. To rename your outline at any time, click rename and enter your new title in the field provided.

When finished, click save. For select titles, you will have the option to enter your Speech Objectives. The Speech Outline tool includes three main areas of focus: You can enter your copy into the fields provided and use the tools in the toolbar to easily format and organize your speech. Included in the toolbar controls are the following options: Use the Connective tool to help identify a transition statement between major talking points within the Outline A.

After adding a Connective, you will have the ability to 'categorize' a new Connective by using the drop-down menu to select one of the following labels: Connectives and Lines of text within the Introduction, Body or Conclusion text areas can be added, deleted or re-ordered using the toolbar, or via drag-n-drop methods. To see a preview of your work, select Print Preview. The system will also continue to auto-save. When you are finished, click Export to export your Outline to Word.

Review the export confirmation screen and select continue to export to complete the file export. To submit your outline to your instructor, go to your assignment list on the home tab and select the appropriate assignment. Click browse, and locate the corresponding file on your computer.

The maximum file size for your response file is 25MB. Click the info icon for information on accepted file types you can upload. If your instructor is using the Tegrity service to record lectures, you can subscribe to the Tegrity service to and view your instructor's lecture at any time using a web browser, iPod or other mobile devices. Your instructor may make this available for you to review key concepts and take practice assignments. It is available here in your library for you to use as additional study material.

It has a variety of additional textbook related material you can use for your own self-study purposes. Click the library tab at the top of the page A. Click course files either in the left library navigation bar B or on the main library landing page C.

Available course reference files uploaded by your instructor will be listed here. The list shows the date it was shared, the file type and the file size. To download a file, simply click the file name A. It's available within your library. Click self-quiz and study A to get started. All practice tests will be listed according to their related eBook chapter A. Click on the title to begin all questions related to that chapter, or click the blue drop down arrow to view the test broken down by section.

Next to each section you can view the related eBook pages B , click see all C to view any related videos, or begin to practice only the questions related to each section D. On the section home page, all of your assignments from your instructor are listed by default. Information provided in the assignment list: Quiz, Homework, Exam or Practice.

You will have a certain amount of time for you to complete the assignment once you have started it. Roll your mouse over the clock icon to view your time limit. For timed assignments, the timer will not stop for any reason.

Once you access the assignment, the timer will start, and you must complete the assignment within the time given. Signing out or leaving the assignment does not stop the timer. When the timer reaches zero, your assignment will automatically be submitted and any incomplete questions will be marked incorrect.

On your Section Home page, the assignment list displays all of the assignments your instructor has set up for you. Note that timed assignments are indicated by an "alarm clock" icon B. Click a timed assignment, to see the time limit for this assignment. The timers for timed assignments do not stop until the time expires, whether you are active in the assignment or not.

After you launch the assignment, you'll see several features you can use to navigate the assignment and resources to help you answer questions. In Connect Spanish, your instructor may assign Voice Record questions, where you hear the pronunciation of each vocabulary item presented in the image and have the opportunity to record yourself saying the same word.

Your instructor will be able to review your responses when you submit the assignment. Click play A for each word, or phrase, and listen to it. Once the assignment has opened, review the instructions A and download any reference files B included. Develop your response to the assignment. When you have your response file ready, click Choose File C and locate the file on your computer.

Please note that the maximum file size for your response is 25MB. Group assignments will appear in your assignment list on your section home page. Click the assignment name A with the group icon to open the group assignment. Group assignments are made up of two areas — group workspace A for collaboration and submit assignment B for turning in the final group project.

In the group workspace, the name of the assignment A , other members in your group B , and the topic if entered by your instructor are displayed. Also displayed are the instructions for the assignment C as well as any instructor attachments and web links. Click raise your hand B if you would like to include your instructor on the message.

You can also attach files to a new post for reference C. Connect tracks the level of participation and activity of each group member A which is visible to other team members and the instructor. Click the message link to go directly to the group workspace for the assignment. When your group has completed the final draft and you are ready to submit, click on the submit assignment A tab to attach the final submission B.

If needed, include any necessary comments for your instructor C. Click the submit assignment button to send the group response to your instructor. You will receive a confirmation that your assignment has been submitted successfully. Each student in the group will also receive a notification in their message center on their section home page that the assignment has been submitted and by which group member A.

When the video recorder loads, click Allow A for Flash Player to access your camera and microphone. Next, select the quality of the video. The default for a typical broadband connection is medium, but if you have a slower connection you may need to select low. After you select the quality, click Okay. Click the red record button A to begin recording your speech. The video recorder bar will display a timer in the left hand corner once you start recording.

When you finish your speech, click the red record button again to stop recording. Next, add the title of your speech and a description C , and attach any other files your instructor may have requested such as the outline, visual aids, or reference materials.

Click play to watch your speech. If your instructor included a self review rubric, complete the evaluation B.

You can include general comments in the text box below the video. Make sure to click post C. Download any question reference file B your instructor may have added. When your response file is ready, click browse or choose file C to add the file from your computer. Once your file has been added, click save D to confirm the upload to Connect. You cannot change the file attached to an assignment attempt once submitted.

Maximum upload file size is 15MB. To view accepted file types, click the info icon E. When you submit your assignment, any auto-graded questions will be scored and the file attachment question s points will not be credited toward the final grade until manually graded by your instructor.

If your instructor has allowed for detailed feedback you'll be able to view the assignment details. This will automatically open your overall performance report.

Access assignment details for each attempt by clicking a score link in the Scores column B. The Assignment Details page shows a summary at the top. The question shows your response and the correct answer along with any additional explanation your instructor may have provided A. Click through each question to review your answers B. Review the instructions, then begin posting on your individual blog workspace.

Click post C to publish to your blog. Follow those steps each time you want to add a new post. You can comment on any blog post by clicking the add a comment button B at the bottom of the post. Just enter your comment and click post C. Blog assignments are automatically submitted on the due date and time your instructor set. Review the instructions, and then begin posting to the class discussion board workspace.

Click post to publish to the discussion board. Follow those steps each time you want to add a new message. Click post C add to the discussion thread.

Discussion board assignments are automatically submitted on the due date and time your instructor set. Switch between group members using the tabs at the top of the page A. Click play to begin watching the speech.

Now it's time to evaluate your peer A , you can also add general comments in the text box B below the rubric. Blackboard Instant Messaging BBIM is a convenient and effective resource for you to communicate, learn, study and get help outside of the classroom.

It also allows you to complete chat activities that are part of Connect assignments. Features include instant messaging and web conferences, and collaborative tools like screen sharing and the whiteboard. Blackboard IM automatically syncs with your roster so that you can easily connect with your instructor and classmates.

Then download Blackboard IM from your section home. Some chat activities within Connect assignments also have the option to launch Blackboard IM directly from the question itself A once the program has been downloaded to your computer.

From there, choose your area of interest and then look for specific Blackboard IM help. To find detailed instructions on creating an account, installing, and using Blackboard IM, visit the User Guide. To navigate to another section of the book, tap the section dropdown and select a section from the list A. To add a bookmark, tap the ribbon icon B. Tap the text and drag your finger to select the text you want to highlight. Release your finger, and then tap the Highlight option that appears.

Highlights are stored in your notebook. To add a note: Tap the text and drag your finger to select the text. Release your finger and tap the Note option that appears. A new note will pop up. Tap inside the note to add your own text, and tap save when you are done. Saved notes are stored in your notebook. All Bookmarks, Notes, and Highlights are stored in the notebook.

You can also jump to a specific page by entering the page number in the Jump to page text box B. You can also move to a specific page by entering the page number in the Jump to page textbox B. Change the font size by tapping the AA button.

The sizes appear from smallest to largest, with the current size grayed out. Tap your preferred font size. Search the eBook To search through the eBook, tap the magnifying glass icon and enter a keyword in the text box.

Images Tap an image in the reading view to open the image library. Tap an image to view larger. Media Library Tap a video in the reading view to open the media library. Tap a video to view larger. Notebook Tap notebook to view your highlights, notes, and bookmarks, organized by chapter. Select what you want to delete B , and then tap delete C. To remove an item from your notebook, tap the edit button A. Select the item you would like to remove B , then tab the delete button C.

All items within the notebook are organized by chapter. If your instructor assigned peer reviews, you need to review the comments from your peers on your draft before completing another draft or final submission. When peers have commented, use the dropdown menu to select a peer.

Orange speech bubbles will appear in your draft wherever your peer left a comment. Click each bubble to read the comment along with the question A. You may also want to download the comments to pdf B so you can read them all at once, and print them for reference when writing your second draft or final submission. If your instructor chose to have you compose your writing assignment online, you can type your assignment directly into the writing editor A , or import it from a word document saved to your computer B.

Below the writing editor, click Browse… C to attach any additional files that your instructor requested. Click save D to save your work as-is and return to it later. Click save C if you want to save your work as-is and return to it later.

How you submit is up to you! If you plan on exporting grades from Connect and importing them into your Learning Management System, direct students to use their institution email address and enter their name exactly as it appears on their student ID when registering. If students change sections during the term, simply provide them with the web address of the new section they need to be transferred into, have them click "Register Now," and follow the prompts.

Connect will recognize their account and allow the students to easily register in the new section. Contact Us For Instructors. Buying access to a Connect course. Enter your payment information and click Place Order A. Once on the connect landing page, click Go To Connect A to be taken into your course.

Accessing Assignments in Connect. Exploring the Class Home in Connect. Using LearnSmart in Connect. On the Connect welcome page, click Register A. Enter your email address A and click Submit B. Review the class for which you are registering. Registering for Connect from Canvas. Click Launch A to open your assignment. Click on an assignment to see more information. Related topics Registering for Connect from Canvas. Taking Connect Classic assignments in Canvas.

Pairing a Canvas course with an existing Connect account. Each of the guides provides important information to help you get the best result when uploading a video to Connect. Read the General Recording Guidelines, then select the guide relevant to how you want to record your video: This will not alter the file, but will allow Connect to recognize it and upload it. Connect video upload guide. Each of the guides listed below provides important information to help you get the best result when uploading a video to Connect.

Getting to know the Connect assignment types. Pairing your Blackboard and Connect course. Verify that the class is correct and then click Buy A. Registering for and purchasing Connect. Verify that the class is correct and then click Confirm A.

Registering for Connect with an access code. This is a Custom Learning Solutions Collection created just for you. Enter your email address A and click Begin B. Review the class information before continuing. When ready, click Confirm A. Register for Connect from Brightspace. Pair a Brightspace course with an existing Connect account. Taking assignments in New Connect. Power of Process assignments. Internet Explorer 9 and above Available for: Score not what you expected?

If you feel that your score is not accurate in your performance report, this could be due to one of the following reasons: An orange flag on your performance report home page will let you know when this is the case.

Your "total grade" in the gradebook. Use the My Account link to update your McGraw-Hill Higher Education account details, such as your e-mail address, contact information, password, etc. The link is always located at the top right of the page. Use the tabs along the top to navigate to the appropriate information form to edit. Enter your new information and click the Save Changes button. Use the Return to homepage link to return to the My Courses page.

These games are available for marketing and American government courses. View the student manual on the MH Practice homepage for more information. If at any time during the creation process you want to change your recording, simply stop the recording and press the record button again.

This will record over your previous recording. Remember to review help regarding podcast subscriptions. Or go to connect. To do this, either click A or click the switch courses B link under the course title in the top banner and then select the course you would like to switch to C. Submitting peer reviews for a writing assignment.

Related topics Registering with an access code Buying access to a course. Create only one account with temporary access, so your scores remain up-to-date. Use the same email address to upgrade your account, so your assignments and scores carry over. If you bought your code separately from your bookstore, make sure the code is for the same textbook and edition used in your course. Registering with an access code.

Buy full access before your temporary access expires to keep your assignments and scores in sync. Sign up for temporary access with the email address you intend to use throughout the course, so you won't need to create a new account when you upgrade to full access. Registering with temporary access. What is the Course Info widget? The section info widget displays a photo of your instructor optional and basic info your instructor has included such as name, email address and office hours.

The bookmarks widget contains links to websites your instructor has provided. Clicking a link will open a new browser window or tab and take you to that website page. If you do not see a bookmarks widget, your instructor may have this feature disabled. The feeds widget displays the latest content from different web resources your instructor subscribes to. Clicking any of the feeds information links will open a new browser or tab and take you to the linked web address.

The recorded lectures widget provides access to McGraw-Hill Tegrity. If your instructor is using the Tegrity service to record lectures, you can subscribe to the Tegrity service to view your instructors lecture at any time using a web browser, iPod or other mobile devices. The LearnSmart widget if shown provides a link to the McGraw-Hill Education's LearnSmart service which helps you identify your study needs and practice the course topics. Click the go to LearnSmart link in the LearnSmart widget box on the section home page to learn more.

Registration is simple, no matter which way you choose. Here's what you need to know to start using Connect now: How to get started with registration. Buying access to a course: How to buy access to a Connect course online with a credit or debit card.

Registering with an access code: How to register for a Connect course with a pre-purchased access, or registration, code. Registering with courtesy access: How to sign up for courtesy access to Connect before buying full access. How to switch your Connect account from courtesy access to full access. How to register for an optional self-study account, for additional independent study resources.

Enter your registration code A or buy access online using a credit card B. Register for student Self Study. While in the eBook reading tab, select the printer icon A to print the current section. Having trouble signing in?

Connect preferred browsers and devices. If you have questions or need technical assistance, please feel free to visit our hour online support site or email our online support team. Canadian Customers, please visit our dedicated Canadian online support site. See if your computer meets the requirements for Connect. If the McGraw-Hill textbook you are using for your course is available in ebook format, the ebook feature is available to you in your Connect course. After you open the ebook, you can: A Switch sections within a chapter by clicking the blue arrows, or the section drop-down menu.

B Go to a specific page by entering a textbook page number. C Navigate with the book contents drop-down menu. D Highlight text, add your own notes, add a bookmark, or print the content on the current page. E Adjust the font size or hide book images with the gear tool. F Search ebook content by keywords.

When the eBook is available, there are three ways to access it. From the Section Home A 2. From the Library tab B 3. You can use the highlighter tool in the top navigation bar to highlight specific text.

To highlight text within the eBook: Select the text you want to highlight by clicking and dragging your mouse cursor over the selected text you want to highlight. Overview When Mac users try to access Windows file servers and NAS devices, they typically suffer from poor performance, data integrity issues, slow searches, and many other disruptive problems. Eliminates SMB protocol bugs, performance, and compatibility problems related to locked files and file naming issues, file corruption, permissions problems, non-functional Windows shortcuts, and other issues; Provides much faster file share mounting, folder browsing, and file opening.

Nearly instant Spotlight searching across all file shares Normally, when Mac users connect over SMB to Windows or NAS file shares, they are limited to filename-only search that has to slowly crawl files shares, for each search issued. Integrate Macs into enterprise IT systems Acronis Files Connect integrates with key enterprise infrastructure elements, including: Provide fast file access from mobile devices Acronis Files Connect expands beyond Macs to provide fast, seamless file access to iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets.

What's new in Acronis Files Connect AFP connection to file shares. This allows Mac users to continue using the same tools and applications for accessing servers and printers that they always have.

Full content Spotlight searching. Acronis Files Connect links Mac Spotlight to a server-side index that seamlessly integrates with the native Windows Search service or a built-in Acronis content indexer. File access for mobile devices. Seamless file access is also provided for mobile devices iOS, Android, and Windows Phone with intuitive browsing, searching, previewing, editing, and automatic synchronization.

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