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If not removed, these may also compromise your anonymity. Scroll down to the bottom of the text file. System32 is a folder that contains important data to keep Windows and all programs running. If this is your first time enabling the Content Advisor, you will be prompted to create a password to access or change this tab in the future. If this site is blocked on your computer, try using the ProxySite proxy instead. Managing a multi-cloud environment: Denay https-traffic SO in my opinion the first solution is the right one.

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How to Unblock Proxy Sites

Disabling proxy settings in a browser will not work either. The only thing I could suggest at this point, is to split your network into groups and setup 'white-list only' routing for the group that is causing trouble.

That is, white-list the only places they should be allowed to go and block all others. It is a work environment and surfing is not a company activity for most. I have implemented this type of policy in the past. When they complain, say it is company policy to enforce rules about where you go on the internet.

It's for safety and facebook and other sites are a security risk. Experts Exchange Solution brought to you by Your issues matter to us. It's more than this solution. Get answers and train to solve all your tech problems - anytime, anywhere. Try it for free Edge Out The Competition for your dream job with proven skills and certifications.

Get started today Stand Out as the employee with proven skills. Start learning today for free Move Your Career Forward with certification training in the latest technologies. Start your trial today. Network Security From novice to tech pro — start learning today. Common reasons for websites being blocked include school or workplace restrictions, as well as region locks such as those found on YouTube. Understand when these tricks will work.

If the site that you're trying to access is blocked specifically on your computer, you may be able to access it by using the website's mobile version, IP address, or Google Translate. In the event that you're unable to access websites that are blocked on your Internet connection, however, you'll need to use a VPN. VPNs can be difficult to install on monitored or controlled computers e.

Try using the website's mobile version. Many websites, such as Facebook and YouTube, have mobile alternatives that can be visited by typing "m. Many blocking services do not account for the mobile versions of blocked sites. For example, you would access the mobile version of Facebook by going to "https: Search for the website's IP address instead of its usual address. You can find a website's IP address, which is its raw numerical address, on any major computer platform, after which point you can enter the IP address into the browser's URL bar the same way that you'd search for a regular address e.

This won't work for all websites; some services hide their IP addresses, and others use multiple IP addresses which aren't always reliable. If you don't have access to Command Prompt Windows or Terminal Mac on the computer on which sites are blocked, you can use a personal computer on an unrestricted network to find the IP address and then just use the address on your restricted computer.

Use Google Translate to hide the website's address. This method doesn't always work, but it provides a simple alternative to using a proxy site or a portable browser: Type your website's address into the left text box. Select any language other than the website's original language for the right-most box.

Click the website's link in the right-most box. Click the "Go to [Website]" link on the left side of the page if the website doesn't immediately load. Click the Translate option if prompted.

Use Wayback Machine to browse archived pages. The Wayback Machine site allows you to browse past versions of websites without actually going to the site in question. This won't help if you're attempting to check your Facebook feed, but you can use the Wayback Machine to view blocked research resources and the like.

Enter a website's address into the text field that's near the top of the page. Use a VPN on a personal computer. Virtual Private Networks VPNs are always-on subscription services that route your Internet traffic through several different servers in different countries or locations. This effectively hides your Internet activity from anyone monitoring it, which likewise allows you to view sites and use services which are usually blocked in your area.

In order for your VPN to remain undetected, it must be on the entire time that you're online. Open the ProxFree site. If this site is blocked on your computer, try using the HideMe proxy instead. Click the search bar. It's near the bottom of the page, to the right of the padlock icon. Enter your website's address.

Type in the address of the website that you want to access. You can select a different country to use by clicking the "Server Location" drop-down box and then clicking a different country's name. It's a blue button to the right of the search bar. This will promptly return the IP address.

Similar tools and commands can also be used on other platforms like Mac, Linux, Android, etc. Your college or institute might be having more than one proxy for its network. So, it happens that some websites are restricted on one proxy, but accessible in another. So, you can give a try to proxy surfing to access blocked websites in your college. So, with this tool, you can bypass the restriction by converting the blocked website into some other language that you may know.

Try Google Translate and see for yourself. It is yet another simple way to access blocked websites. To unblock websites at school and office, there are other translation services available as well. If the websites that are blocked by your institute or office are dynamic in nature such as Facebook or YouTube, then you should give a try to these extensions.

Hola and ProxMate are some extensions that you can use to access blocked websites on Chrome and other browsers. UltraSurf is one such effective extension that lets you browse freely using its encrypted proxy network. This change might display a security notice. Press on the Proceed Anyway option and visit the website. You can simply use this method and bypass the blockade. Recently, CloudFlare also launched their 1. Here are the detailed steps on the same. Changing DNS also ensures better privacy while browsing.

Wayback Machine is an interesting service that stores a copy of most of all website on the internet. It saves multiple versions of a website and you can use it to access the past versions of a website. The users can also use it to browse the blocked content online. Moreover, this amazing website also contains lots of free movies, documentaries, nostalgic games, ebooks, etc.

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