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I will cover the Quality of Service feature though, since it's more intuitive than most routers. Unable to disable It's a strange performance but seems consistent with the previous model. Aside from that, this is an AC router with all the features that encompasses, including beam forming, a four antenna design, and DLNA Media server support. Let's dig into it:. It's a slick feature, but not for everyone obviously. After power cycling my modem I was able to begin the setup process by typing the router's IP address into my browser.

Setup and Admin Software

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Minutes to stay logged in: Always stay logged in: Last post by FurryNutz in Re: Tech Support Contact Information. Revoked Certificate - Firmware updates and information August 14, Last post by GreenBay42 in mydlink app - General Qu Last post by GreenBay42 in Re: Last post by jwb in Re: Last post by dsstrainer in Re: Last post by themaverickmedic in Screen recording feature Last post by Rogerz in A fix of sorts on August 21, , It lets you simply drag and drop connected clients into the respective priority boxes, so the whole process is quite simple.

The router also supports a technology named Smart Connect, which is for newbies but can still be useful if you are just lazy. It combines both networks into one SSID so you don't have to wonder if you're connecting to the right network for your device since older phones, PCs and tablets might not be 5GHz compatible.

It's a slick feature, but not for everyone obviously. I setup the software on my desktop PC and then installed it on a Windows 10 laptop that I used for all the previous router tests. The tests were run on different days at different times to eliminate momentary weirdness that can occur with wireless networking.

All tests were run multiple times until I saw what looked like stable, repeatable results. The routers in the comparison charts were all tested using the same equipment in the same environment. Tests were run at 15 feet with line-of-sight visibility and also at 30 feet with two walls separating the client and server. What you can't see in the charts above is all of the routers that are faster than the DIR cost significantly more, and are more than twice as expensive in the case of the Linksys and Asus routers.

Using the 5GHz band the DIR was actually faster in my 30 foot test with walls than it was at 15 feet, which is a feature of Overall it wasn't the fastest router at 5GHz but it wasn't too far behind. I'd classify it as one of the fastest, and definitely better than average. The DIR did struggle a bit in my file transfer tests where it was much slower than competing routers. Interestingly in my last round of tests the previous model from D-Link also struggled in this test, so this time around the two of them were neck and neck at the bottom of the benchmark chart.

It's a strange performance but seems consistent with the previous model. It's less expensive than other high-end offerings, and has an intuitive yet boring interface, strong performance, and a decent feature set that is a bit skimpy but reflected in the price. It's one of the better deals in the router space is an overall great router. More Expert Tech Roundups. More Comprehensive Router Reviews.

It looks a bit plain but is plenty fast.

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