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Server Locations CyberGhost is now headquartered in Israel. In fact, we can only trust that security companies are honest in their privacy policies and other statements. TunnelBear, for example, also recently released an independent security audit. We then compared these results to other VPN services we've reviewed. I then perform the tests again, but this time with the VPN connected to a server in Australia and using an Ookla test server in Anchorage, Alaska.

What Is a VPN?

CyberGhost VPN

Their monthly subscription rates are very good, the only problem that I have is, as a low wage earner, I cannot afford the lump sum that I would have to pay. It has easy navigation. The service is great, they have a huge list of servers and adding new one daily. Great customer service, the only bad side is the price. Every time I use it. I get a great connect, and have no problems with location. Without it due to where I live I could not get some of the videos. Everything worked fine, the PC did not slow down, the connection was not interrupted, I am satisfied.

Formerly the connection has been more instable, but this is not the case now. Cyberghost starts really quickly, that is comfortable. Your review must be at least characters long. Adding details really helps people understand what you like or don't about this VPN.

You can get your VPN up and running in less than a minute! Choose a pricing plan that suits you 2. Create a secure account 3.

You will receive a welcome email with your information and a separate email with your invoice. Enter the information you received in the welcome email to get started with your account.

If you need any help or guidance, CyberGhost has a very friendly support team that you can contact at any time. CyberGhost offers several plans, ranging from a monthly subscription to long-term options of six months and one year.

Click here to take advantage of this great deal before the time runs out! CyberGhost provides a dependable service with excellent uptime and a variety of support options. Their ticket system, on the other hand, is quite useful and provides good answers. In fairness, our questions were intentionally complex — we asked about router setups and Netflix servers, and we got excellent responses.

Much better to receive a detailed, thought-out reply than a lightning-fast but superficial one. The FAQ is also great for getting basic information. All in all, this VPN cuts no corners when it comes to assisting users. Thanks to a brilliant interface and a host of handy features, this VPN has the package even the pickiest are looking for. Sure, there are some rough edges, negligible as they are.

On the whole, CyberGhost justifies its reputation as a top-shelf VPN service and earns our recommendation for beginners and pros alike. In short, CyberGhost operates out of a country outside the Fourteen Eyes that takes privacy matters very seriously. A kill switch and DNS leak protection are present, as is double encryption.

This VPN is also a popular choice of users in China, bypassing the Great Firewall with ease and granting access to numerous blocked websites and services. CyberGhost has plenty of them. Some of them are faster than others, but the average speeds are more than acceptable for any activity — even streaming and torrenting. Moving on to the big highlight, CyberGhost recently introduced a completely revamped interface.

In a matter of seconds, you can select a profile for extra security on public WiFi, enhanced privacy, torrenting, and even unblocking. Of course, you can still choose servers and protocols manually. But what about cons? Well, we only found two, and they could easily be called subjective. However, the live chat which is fast does not provide the most thorough answers.

The other one is the monthly plan, which is rather expensive. Overall, CyberGhost is the perfect example of a service that reinvented itself , introduced new value for its customers, and became hugely successful because of it. The company takes torrenting seriously, and will only connect you to servers that are in locations where it is legal to download. CyberGhost also prioritizes security when it comes to torrenting; it does not keep logs and offers IP and DNS leak protection.

Yes, the company does offer a Live Chat and email service, but it takes time to receive an answer. Along with the numerous guides, CyberGhost also offers a day money-back guarantee. This is definitely a perk, but some customers noted that it took a very long time for CyberGhost to refund them if they did at all.

CyberGhost also manages to unblock a lot of streaming services, including Netflix. It took the company some time, but you can watch US Netflix with the correct servers. The affordable prices and numerous servers bring it to one of the top VPNs on our list.

CyberGhost has an interesting strategy when it comes to connecting to servers. Instead of choosing one of their thousands of servers at random, the user chooses a profile and CyberGhost offers compatible servers based on their needs.

For Windows, CyberGhost offers profiles that focus on surfing anonymously, streaming content, and encrypting an unprotected connection. Every plan, including the free plan, comes with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited traffic. The free service is only available on a single Windows, Mac or Android device. CyberGhost VPN is available for use on other platforms, such as Linux, by upgrading to a paid subscription. Speed is the main difference between the free service and the premium paid plans.

You can log in and use the service without creating an account as soon as you install it. Create an account at any time to upgrade to the paid subscription. If you upgrade an account, then be sure that you are logging into the account with the upgrade. CyberGhost is now headquartered in Israel. Though an offshore headquarters is always preferred, Israel is still a decent place for a VPN service.

Though Europe-centric, CyberGhost maintains a variety of servers around the world — although servers in Latin America and Asia are lacking. A massive servers are available in the United States, making CyberGhost excellent for unblocking entertainment like Netflix and Hulu while overseas.

Just over additional servers are scattered across 29 other countries. CyberGhost plans to upgrade to SHA-2 authentication soon.

CyberGhost utilizes perfect forward secrecy as an additional security measure. The tool randomly generates a new private key each time you log in to further protect your online history if your connection is somehow compromised. CyberGhost claims not to keep logs of user information or activity. There have been some issues with this claim in the past. However, CyberGhost has directly addressed these issues. They fixed them in subsequent versions of their software. Your traffic is still routing through a company.

Any company can go out of business or go rogue. If you are a political activist where trust is a life or death situation, you need to be using something like Tor. Everything from installing the client to connecting to an IP address is easy. Additionally, CyberGhost bundles a range of complementary privacy-related tools such as a do not track tool, ad blocker, and force HTTPS tool.

All these are generally free to use via browser extension ie, uBlock Origin. This is just par for the course, and not solely an issue with CyberGhost. But the London server with fewer people online did even better with download speeds. It nearly hit my non-VPN bandwidth speeds. You can also easily compare the Free, Premium, and Premium Plus versions side by side.

VPNs have a scary, daunting, technical sounding name, which can turn many people who should be using the service off from actually using it. And on this area — CyberGhost does well. The public transparency report page outlines malicious activity on CyberGhost servers.

It also lists DMCA requests, law enforcement notices, and government requests. Only the best for your need and experience.

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