Wifi keeps dropping out (after Windows 10 update)

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Thank you for helping us maintain CNET's great community. We will be happy to help you. We've had problems with Comcast from day one, between over charges, and mix ups, and bad connections. CNET's Forum on networking and wireless is the best source for finding help, troubleshooting, and getting buying advice from a community of experts. You are reporting the following post: In reply to KingBohica's post on August 10,

Update Your Firmware

Internet drops in and out, always, every day

I'm going to not dive into any torrent discussion. This is another well discussed issue and if you put a router in the basement you can expect problems. It's likely the cable is in the first or second floors so again, take the prior advice about placing the router in the central location and never in a basement unless that's where you want the best experience.

And we could get much faster speeds from Comcast in our area. However, we are now starting to experience the same thing. The router is in my office on the main floor of the house and my desktop is connected to it directly.

However, I'm sitting right next to the router and my new Samsung Galaxy S4, keeps telling me I have an unstable wireless connection and it keeps going in and out.

We have an Arris wireless router and it seemed fine up until a couple of days ago. So, what did you mean when you said it's the PC? I find it hard to believe that we could be experiencing the same issue with two different providers and two different routers.

Any assistance you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Tired of getting dropped! Channel, security choice and if you hid the SSID. Distance if WiFi, and if wired drops.

I went through the same thing a couple of years ago with Comcast and the problem ended up being the connection to the house. The wind would blow or it would rain and my connection would go on and off. It was like pulling teeth to get them to check their connection out. It got fixed on their dime. We've had problems with Comcast from day one, between over charges, and mix ups, and bad connections.

They re-ran the cable coming to the house though a while back if I remember right. Not only that, but if it was the wire coming into the house, wouldn't it effect the TV at the same time as the Internet? I was also having occasional frame freezes on cable tv and Comcast kept blaming it on sun spots. When they ran the new cable all of that stopped as well. We haven't had any issues with the cable since they re ran the incoming cable. Usually the phone is inactive if I'm working on the laptop, when this problem is obvious.

I am not certain whether the phone ever loses the connection because I'm not opening new things or saving all the time on the phone. I have been switching bands to see if there's any difference. I switch by just choosing the other SSID from the wifi list. You are correct, ALL websites do not respond. The connection is literally broken or down. And it comes back by itself. It makes no difference. The problem occurs when I am sitting only 6 feet from the router and there is nothing between me and the router.

Also, I have checked with my phone this morning, and the outage affects the phone exactly as it affects my laptop. It's impossible to get work done! I am constantly opening new pages and saving work, and this prevents me from being able to work! I could work all day with no problem using DSL. Why is my new Cox Internet so poor? If it is the router, then Cox should tell me how to change the settings so it will work with Cox Internet!

My cable modem router is one that is listed on your website. Internet Forum requires membership for participation - click to join. State Not Answered Locked Locked Replies 14 replies Subscribers subscribers Views views Users 0 members are here disconnect netgear connection issues cable modem.

I have looked at multiple forums but can't find any that are directly on point or that have assisted me. Trouble shoot no issues identified. Checked for windows updates up to date. I am not incredibly computer literate and really need help to figure out how to fix this. This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Limited connectivity means the PC has successfully connected to the router, but the PC wasn't assigned a valid IP address, so you can't actually get to the Internet.

It can also indicate that a valid IP address was assigned but that the PC doesn't have Internet connectivity. I hope this helps. If you have any further query, feel free to post. We will be happy to help you. Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help. The wifi connects for anywhere up to five minutes and I am able to use the internet. It then shows the connection and 'limited' and I then need to reconnect. Thank you so much for replying with your video. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have resolved the issue: After turning off the power saving setting, you may still need to do these steps:.

Thank you for the kind words, glad to be of help. I would love to work for Microsoft, maybe someone over there will see this. Sorry it didn't work out for you. My video only helps with one particular network issue out of what, unfortunately, seems to be a plethora of issues that come with Windows

Is It Your Internet Connection?

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