The Best Free Password Managers of 2018

Everyone Needs a Password Manager

The Best Password Managers of 2018
Some even record your credentials during the process of signing up for a new secure website. It's a great app, if a bit intimidating for beginners. Keeper records can be shared, but only with those who also have a paid Keeper account. In truth, you can't afford not to. LogmeOnce can wipe, remote locate, lock and display messages too. Whether free or paid, a password manager is something everybody needs. From a pure security point of view, that's a good idea.

Create secure passwords and protect your accounts from attack

The best password managers for 2018

The premium version adds secure cloud storage for files, advanced multi-factor authentication, and the ability to set up a contingency plan so your loved ones can access your accounts in an emergency. The only downside of LastPass is its popularity, which makes it a popular target for criminals, but exploits are rare and there haven't been any cases of users' encrypted logins or master passwords being stolen.

Dashlane is LastPass's closest competitor and, like LastPass, it's completely worth checking out, featuring one-click password generation, world-class security, breathless ease of use and ability to store notes for future reference.

Don't settle for LastPass without trying Dashlane first, and vice versa. RoboForm claims to be the best password manager in the world, and not unreasonably so. It also boasts application logins, secure storage of notes, multi-platform support, and the ability to gain emergency access.

RoboForm Everywhere allows you to sync across devices, cloud backup and the ability to gain emergency access yourself. There are also family subscriptions available for up to five users. RoboForm might not be able to claim the same robust feature lists as their rivals, Dashlane or LastPass, but it's a very good password manager regardless and the free mobile apps are fantastic.

Its password generator is particularly strong, allowing you to exclude similar characters and specify which special characters you need to meet specific password requirements.

Can't capture two sets of credentials for one site. Syncing not entirely automatic. Some important features are mobile-only. Automatic password capture, near-automatic replay. Can generate two-factor authentication codes. Not free for mobile use. No support for Internet Explorer. No web form filling. It can't challenge the best free password managers, however, because it lacks abilities like web form filling and account inheritance.

Handles passwords for any website or application. Powerful, versatile password generator. Imports from many competitors. More than plug-ins add features. Lacks automatic password capture. Password replay launched manually. Synchronizing among devices is complicated. No master password required. Phone confirmation available for login or individual sites. In testing, handled unusual logins. Device-only authentication dangerous without enhanced device security.

No password strength rating. No Web form filling. Automatic password capture and replay. Fills Web forms with personal data. Syncs passwords across all your Windows, iOS, and Android devices. Norton toolbar rates website safety. Not compatible with latest version of Firefox. Password generator defaults are lax. Lacks advanced features found in competing products.

However, some competitors offer much more flexibility and power for the same price. The Best Password Managers of He was present at the formation of the Association of Shareware Professionals, and served on its board of directors. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time.

Symantec Norton Identity Safe. More From Neil J. Symantec Norton Power Eraser. Get Our Best Stories! Fastest Mobile Networks How to Clone a Hard Drive. The Best Laptops of Scans Dark Web for compromised accounts. Captures online shopping receipts. Expensive, especially if you already have a VPN.

Can't choose VPN server country. No special handling for nonstandard logins. Limited support for Internet Explorer. Supports all popular platforms and browsers. Secure password sharing and inheritance. Optional secure file storage. Retains full history of passwords and files. Fills web forms and app passwords.

Web form filling somewhat limited. No fully automated password updates. The latest edition brings a new look and all the advanced features you could want. Enhanced multifactor authentication choices. Includes 1GB of secure online file storage.

Doesn't add enough to what you can get for free. No longer offers shared folders. Price has doubled since our previous review.

Vast number of features, many of them unique and patented. Some features cost extra. All-features installation quite expensive.

Vast number of features may overwhelm users. However, we're not convinced those features are all necessary, and enabling them all makes the product very expensive. Syncs across all your Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Secure sharing and password inheritance. Password generator default length Some configuration settings could be more flexible. Secure no-cloud Wi-Fi sync available.

Online console manages trusted devices. Security Dashboard lists only the very weakest passwords. No online access to passwords. No secure password sharing or digital inheritance.

If you choose the unusual no-cloud Wi-Fi sync, your passwords never leave your home network. Secure yet simple authentication when adding new devices. Extensions for most browsers. Not compatible with Internet Explorer. Syncs across many device types and browsers. Security Center identifies weak and duplicate passwords.

Includes digital inheritance and secure sharing. Comprehensive web form filling. User interface can be confusing. Password generator defaults aren't optimal. RoboForm 8 Everywhere adds new features like digital inheritance and secure file sharing to the venerable RoboForm's password management and form filling capabilities, but it hasn't quite caught up with the top products.

Broad support for multi-factor authentication. Can operate securely without a master password. Lacks advanced features such as password sharing, inheritance, and automatic changing.

McAfee's True Key password manager handles basic tasks, with a focus on multi-factor authentication, but it lacks secure sharing, password inheritance, and other advanced password management features. Accessible from any browser, any platform. Actionable password strength report. Permits sharing and transferring of logins between users. Browser extensions only for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Doesn't handle Gmail or other two-page logins.

Lacks Web form filling ability. Doesn't import passwords from browsers. However, it lacks form filling abilities and it can't handle passwords for some key sites, such as Gmail. Free for use without syncing. Must enter password data manually. Can't autofill Firefox and Chrome at the same time as IE and applications. Lacks advanced features such as password sharing and inheritance.

Password manager F-Secure KEY has an attractive, cross-platform user interface, but it lacks features like password sharing and inheritance. Offers many layers of security. Stores personal data as well as passwords. Extensions for Chrome and Firefox only. Does not use personal data to fill forms. Tutorials out of date. Some user interface quirks.

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