How to Use PS3 controller on PC (NO MotioninJoy)

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Remove Bluetooth PAN Helps Resolve Wi-Fi Conflict in OS X Yosemite?
Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. It also allows you to enjoy high-speed access to cyberspace for ultra-fast downloads, streaming media and more. Sometimes you may want to connect wired devices; the gigabit ports will enable you to do that. Thank u for the great suggestion. Have you guys tried http: Although the almond is not at the top of the best range extenders, if all you want is to expand your WIFI coverage to reach areas with weak signals, this unit will do the trick. If you combine this repeater with a superior router, such as the Netgear R, you will get incredible speeds.

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PlayStation 3 Secrets

We had previously moved to Cisco because of some challenges with our previous routers from Netgear. However, this one seems to have won us back! Fungramps, July 20, Replace the old technology! I had an older router and my wifi to my computer and streaming to my TV would keep dropping out; I blamed the cable company! I replaced the old router with the Netgear router and it seemed to have fixed the problem, I'm just sayin Tonytom, July 15, A coworker recommended this router to us as we were having issues with our internet poor coverage, frequent outages, slow response time.

We thought it was our internet provider. After her suggestion we decided to try this first and it solved all of our problems. The wifi now reaches throughout our home square feet. It provides faster service as well. We have three laptops, six smart phones, one smart TV, one computer, Direct Tv, two blue ray players and four gaming systems connected to it. We highly recommend this product. Heidi, December 1, This is my third Netgear router in a row and unless they drop the ball I will probably never switch.

I have yet to have any problems or connection issues with any of them. I am a power-user when it comes to computers, but Netgear is completely plug and play. I have had belkin, cisco, and Linksys routers and all of them have had problems or just didn't plain work at all Belkin. This router is super-fast with almost nil lag time microseconds you won't even notice!

Combine the speed, reliability, and ease of install and there isn't a better router company out there right now. After researching different routers I decided to go with the nighthawk ac R for the features it offers and a good price point. Very easy to install and extremely user friendly. The user interface is also very easy to understand. The stock firmware has enough features and settings for the average user but can be flashed with DD-WRT firmware for more advanced users.

This is truly a beast of a router. I am now able to get wifi in my back yard. Speeds are fast on both 2. I am also able to get the full speeds from my ISP witch solved all of the lag and loading problems I had when streaming videos, movies, and gaming. Definitely worth the price! Couldn't be happier with the purchase.

There are 10 devices hooked up to this router using both wifi and wired connection and the nighthawk handles it all with out even breaking a sweat. Speed, April 15, Excellent to realize full bandwidth. I had trouble's achieving the full bandwidth thru comcast.

I had comcast to my home several times, blaming them for the issues. Long story short, the problem was my brand new wireless router. Although a cheaper netgear, it just didn't perform well enough to get me the 50MB speed that comcast was promising. As soon as I plugged this in, my bandwidth jumped over 50MB where it was supposed to be.

We stream netflix, while the kids play xbox and now notice not lagging or problems. Although a bit pricier than most, it was worth it to get the full bandwidth we were paying for from comcast. I would highly recommend for gamers and video streamers Superb WiFi Router - worth every penny!

After dealing with a half-dozen wimpy wireless routers this unit is a breath of fresh air. Forget having to reboot your router every few days - this thing never misses a beat. Noticably faster with mobile electronics with a longer range and better signal strength. Yes, it does cost more but reliability is worth it. Gamers will drool over it. Technicians will rely on it. Videophiles will praise it. Mobile users will take it for granted ;- You'll be satisfied when family members stop complaining about the router locking up.

RedundantRand, February 18, I never use it to play games anymore, so in retrospect, there was no point in the upgrade for me. I BUY my movies. I have tons of Blu-Ray and dvds. What really pisses me off is that I am not doing anything illegal as long as I own it!!!!

Read the shrink wrap licensing agreement on these things. I hope that this makes what was probably not too big a deal for the industry giants into something that cripples them and their outrageous profits…. Thank you for posting this. Wifi has nothing to do with it. Nothing has worked so far to take it off either. I found it easy just to use a regular dvd player ,not a blu ray ,just a regular one ,then just put in the red white and yellow plugs in the back of your tv … simple and quick and you dont have to worry about your movie stopping all the time.

I found the best way to bypass… Msg 1….. You simply just fast foward it at speeds of 1. I changed my year to two years ahead and its working perfectly! Its not stoping at all! Thanks alot for this! All you have to do is pause your movie, back out to the home menu of the PS3 , go to settings, go to date and time, and change the year ahead one year and that will fix the problem …….

Have you guys tried http: But they claim to remove it. Costs money but the trial is free.. Might try and find a pirated copy. A pirated copy of a software that removes anti piracy software. I have been watching from my usb for the last 12 months on the same blue ray player as i do now. I have not updated my player and yet all of a sudden i started getting this stupid message.. Plex I could use on my local network, no need to have an internet connection. Is that your only complaint?? Anyway, Ps4 is the best for me..

Enjoy your cr pple tv lol.. Jumping up the date a year worked for the USB I was having issues playing saved movies from. How the hell did you know to do that? It worked like magic, although having to do that every 20mins was a chore. Seriously, what made you think of the date setting? This is the oldest trick on the internet! I hope you read this before you do something stupid.. Just change the date on your PS3. Enjoy, Dan Share this: Is it just a Samsung player or is it a software Samsung player for PC.

Set it years later instead of just 1 seems to not happen as much. Same here works for sound n code 3 but not playback stopped code 1. You guys are threatening your revenue pipeline with this stupidity.

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