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This won't work without adding a complexifying layer of NAT translation, because the VPN won't know how to route packets between multiple sites if those sites don't use a subnet which uniquely identifies them. Hi- I tried everything suggested in the post above- but can't find any drivers that work- if I try to update the driver, i get a message, my driver is more recent. Pros Keeps your original location hidden Unblock sites and apps 6 simultaneous connections Unlimited server switches days money-back guarantee. A similar surprise was the latency test, which averaged a very low ms making it amongst the fastest and lowest in latency connections. Please note that by default you will be connecting to our servers via the UDP protocol on port

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Configure Windows to Automatically connect to VPN

In it, I link to the Apple discussion forums at the bottom, where people have been saying that this workaround fixes the issue for them. I find I already don't have middle names in any of my Contacts, so I've not seen this. I wonder if something is going on at Apple's end, where the Siri processing gets done. Perhaps in preparation for iOS 8.

Older browser behavior changes in Google search Sep 04, '14 As of August 29, , Google has decided to intentionally break old browsers. They say it's not a bug, it's by design here , even though Google's support page says it accepts Safari 4 as a fully supported browser. If you want Google searches to go back to the modern style, you need to change your User-Agent string. For Safari, enable the Develop Window and use an option in there that works.

Internet Explorer 9 Windows works, for example. I don't have an older system active at the moment to try this. It's inevitable that older software becomes obsolete, the same way older hardware does. I think the actual hint here is a reminder that if a site misbehaves, changing the user agent can be an effective troubleshooting tool. Open a specific browser based on the URL Aug 27, '14 For everything else I use Safari. There is this nifty free app called LinCastor that enables you to register your own handler for an URL.

Although it had beed designed to register your own non-standard URL schemes, it can intercept standard http and https as well.

In LinCastor which you need to double-click twice to fully open for editing: The complete set of instructions include: A few comments about this work: All the iOS device's traffic goes through our network and is encrypted while doing so -- so the cellular data and WiFi parts of the device's traffic can't be monitored.

All unencrypted and normall SSL browsing, etc. This gives our mobile devices the benefit of some site filters provided by our firewall appliance another 'how to' I have planned. A major objective of the on demand aspect of the VPN capability is to have the a VPN connection automatically created whenever the iOS device is either only on a cellular network or on a WiFi network that's not ours i. Although the iOS device instructions are specific to an iPhone, they also work for other iOS devices -- the user just has to find the equivalent items for the VPN settings.

For anyone interested in a good router, read my Comments About pfSense for a strong but conditional recommendation. An ambitious project, and hopefully it should work with iOS 8 as well. Mousecape is a new open source Mac App which is available on GitHub to finally allow you to create and use your own mouse cursors, or 'capes' as the app calls them. Mousecape is as non-instrusive as possible, never asking you for your password for anything.

It works by using private APIs created by Apple to register system cursors so it has no performance hit at all. Capes, or cursor sets, are applied for as long as display state doesn't change, meaning until you change resolution, monitors, sleep your computer, reboot or logout.

However, inside of the application is a helper application that will detect when the cape is reset and will apply it again. Mousecape is available for free, open source and with no obligations. Users can create and share their own capes that are animated and bring new flair to the operating system.

Make iWork 09 the default and avoid update nagging Jul 18, '14 Many people continue to use iWork 09 apps, because they contain features missing in the newer versions. However, having the older apps on your system mean a constant nagging from Apple to update to the newer versions. If you do download the newer versions, then it is impossible to make the older apps the default for your documents.

Here's what to do to remedy that. First, make a backup. Then install the latest iWork apps. Your older versions get moved to a subfolder called iWork That's why you have the backup. Next, move the NEW apps to an external disk or other partition. Or leave them in the subfolder if you prefer.

What is more, any further updates will update the newer versions on your external drive, leaving your 09 apps untouched. I rather wish I had done something like this before updating. Maybe rolling back tp the 09 suite from Time Machine and then following this procedure will work.

Update OS without creating a user on a new Mac Jul 14, '14 It is applicable to any system First things first, wipe your drive and zero it if you don't trust the end user of this computer and reinstall your desired OS. Once your OS is installed, boot to your install media or the Recovery Partition if available. Once you have gone through the above factors, you can make a right decision about your online privacy.

As a result, you can opt a better VPN for Windows that allows you to circumvent online censorship and content restriction issues. The list of VPN providers that includes:. Windows phone offers an extensive level of VPN support to its users.

Security tools like an anti-virus might protect you against threats like Virus, Spyware, Spam Bots, Malware, and Ransomware etc. However, your personal as well as confidential information is always at risk if necessary measures are not taken. The Internet is a podium that connects users with the world, at the same time it is the reason for our excessive vulnerabilities acknowledged. Hackers today are capable of infiltrating our network security and access our important data.

Due to concerns like these, we might end up facing problems like information disclosure, financial loss, and identity theft — unless you have a VPN for Windows installed and activated. Censorship regulations are formulated and implemented by government and other concerned legislative bodies with respect to the content. Through censorship, concerned authorities ban websites, social media platforms and other content which they perceive inappropriate for natives to access.

Geo-Restrictions come at the second spot if we start rating the concerns we face today — digitally speaking. A Windows software can be a real lifesaver under such circumstances.

Geo-Restrictions are the worst enemies for streaming lovers. Geo-Restrictions restrict your access within a particular region. If you wish to access a geo-restricted content, your IP should represent that particular locality which curbs the content.

Some of the famous VPNs for Windows get you rid of streaming problems in any country or geo-location. The only way out of this mess is to mask your real IP. That is possible but only if you are using a VPN for Windows. Not only this, the NSA has been allegedly working with telecom and tech giants to take their surveillance operations to the whole new level. The NSA has been spying on our online activities, conversations, social media activities and even financial transactions.

In the name of national interest, the NSA has been slowly killing our online freedom and liberation by holding us captives — digitally. With the best VPN for Windows, you can secure your data with military grade encryption. When you purchase a Windows VPN, you want its performance to be outstanding. There are certain metrics that you use to gauge whether the VPN client was up to the mark. First, you can conduct speed tests using various tools to check your download and upload speeds.

You can use speedtest. Tools such as ipleak. This recommendation is based on the performance of VPNs; especially, on the Windows operating system. I hope my research will help you find the right VPN for your needs. Let us know if you liked this article in the comments below. Osama is a staunch believer in the inalienable right of every citizen to freedom of expression. Writing about online privacy and security without regard to political correctness is his answer to the powers that be threatening our freedom.

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Dialupass crashed under Windows Vista. Change the location of a column by dragging it to a new location. All your settings window size, columns size are saved, and loaded in the next time that you run the Dialupass utility. Save the dial-up items as HTML file. The area code is now shown with the phone number. The size of the executable decreased to 30K. Passwords saved for all users in Windows XP are now shown properly.

Using Dialupass Dialupass is a standalone application, and it doesn't require any installation process or additional DLLs. Just copy the dialupass.

Dialupass utility also allows you to easily edit the logon details:

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