Change Network Settings In Windows 8 and Windows 10

Windows 10 Network and Internet Settings

Wired and wireless network problems. Use the setting to enable or disable high throughput mode support MIMO - That is, you and your friends may opt to share your or their Wi-Fi connections. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. How satisfied are you with this response? Swami Runinanda Created on July 22, Clicking on Internet Options takes you to the Internet Properties of your PC where you can adjust the settings like security, privacy, add-on and much more.

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network adapter settings windows 8 reduces the rate of high-speed Internet

Windows 10 v adds a Status section. Here you can see the status of your network. You will also be able to access the Network Reset feature that can help you reinstall Network adapters and reset Networking Components to original settings. The tab has many different sections like Wi-Fi which show the available networks, Airplane Mode to enable the airplane mode and check wireless devices connected to your PC , Data usage where you can check the data used in last 30 days, VPN and Dial-up settings, Ethernet and Proxy.

You can also select the option of setting a Metered Connection. Turning it ON makes your apps work differently so that they use less data. This is especially helpful for users having limited data plan. You will also see the properties of your device.

This tab allows you to adjust the Wi-Fi Sense settings in Windows An administrator can enable or disable support for high throughput mode to reduce power consumption or conflicts with other bands or compatibility issues.

You don't need to change the channel unless the other computers in the ad-hoc network are not using the default channel. To enable the feature, both the hardware and the driver must support ARP offload. If disabled, Bluetooth HS is turned off. Use mixed mode protection to avoid data collisions in a mixed Use CTS-to-self to gain more throughput in an environment where clients are within hearing proximity. NS offload is the network adapter's ability to respond to a Neighbor Discovery Neighbor Solicitation request with a Neighbor Advertisement without waking the computer.

Both the hardware and the driver must support NS offload to enable this feature. Enables power saving by reducing the number of receive interrupts. The feature reduces receive interrupts by coalescing random broadcast or multicast packets. This setting alters the signal strength threshold at which the WiFi adapter starts scanning for another candidate AP. The default value is Medium. However, it is recommended to revert back to the default Medium if no improvement is observed with other values.

Enhance the transmit throughput by enabling packet bursting. This only improves the upload throughput from client to the AP and is mostly effective for usages like uploading large files or upstream benchmarks.

I had same problem when trying to change any significant settingsā€¦. My cable providers modem and wireless router I have to use complete resests itself when I turn on my windows 8 pc. The internet and tv die everytime. Is there a network setting i may have turned on that is making the PC talk to the network and confusing it?

Not really, im guessing your just running the standard DHCP setup? I have some problems and I need your help. Can you tell me what I did wrong? I whant to see ONLY my network, but it seems to apear more than my network. What can I do to show only my network. I know I changed something to appear all that networks but I dont know to change it back.

Are they wireless networks? If they are you cannot hide them however if they are not wireless then try and disable network discovery..

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